Weight Loss Vol.14 : Are raw salads bad for you?


One of my readers sent me a link to a TV show where the discussion was about why veggies should always be consumed in cooked form. This is a concept rooted in Ayurveda and talks about how raw salads increases the ‘vata‘ of the body which in turn increases the air in the body which causes the cells to age faster. And this ‘ageing’ process manifests itself in faster appearance of wrinkles etc. Slightly steaming or sauteeing salads can take care of this.


Are raw salads bad for you?
Are raw salads bad for you?


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[note color=”#FFE4C4″]I haven’t been able to find much info about this but this is not the first time I’m hearing about it. I’ve experienced this first hand as well, I seem to digest sauteed veggies much better than raw ones.  Same goes for sprouts. I eat sprouts at least 3 times a week (even more sometimes!) and I like stir frying them lightly with spices instead of consuming them raw.

For those who know something about this topic are welcome to comment below!

How do you like consuming salads/sprouts? If you would like to try something new, check out the following recipes : Navratan Salad, Stir Fried Vegetables, Stir fried moong sprouts. [/note]


Stir fried veggies
Stir fried veggies


p.s : I have just 5 more days of Jillian Michaels to go. Level 3 is really tough but I’m enjoying it! Next weekend I’ll be doing a post on my experience with the 30 Day Shred!


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  1. The truth is, yes, raw salads are not too good for you, because of many reasons, but I will give you one which is very personal and scary. My uncle used to be a huge fan of raw salads, especially raw tomatoes and cucumber. With every meal, he would enjoy eating some salad on the side. One day, he was having headache and fever, and suddenly started complaining of intense pain in the head. We rushed him to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with an advanced form of Trichinosis, a disease generally associated with pork-consumption, where there are tiny worms which eats up your nervous system and brains. Since my uncle was veg, we were all really surprised and scared. He could not be saved and died within a few days.

    We later discovered that he was not washing his vegetables properly, and the worms had come by clinging to the skin of the vegetables. It is NEVER a good idea to eat vegetables fresh with skin on, without first dipping it in boiling water, to remove all germs.

  2. Even i heard that as per the Ayurveda, raw vegetables causes aging fast due to increaing the Vata tatva..
    I always boil them, if i am in a mood to east veggies.

  3. Well, I think it’s best to avoid raw veggies esp the leafy ones cause you can get tapeworms. I know a guy who almost died because the cabbage in his salad had tapeworms which got into his brain. Since then, I’m kind of laying off raw veggies..I only take fruits raw.

  4. I really have never heard of it. During our internship we advised patients to take a lot of salad because it keeps digestive system healthy.
    In an study, it was found that vegetables lose 20% of their antioxidants when steamed and 70% when boiled. And since antioxidants combat free radical damage, it prevents ageing …so !!!
    About the trichinosis mentioned above, it might have been rare, very rare occurence because trichinella never ever clings to skin of raw veggies, in its whole life cycle..it cant survive like that.!! It stays in pig’s digestive system and muscles… And even in pork consuming countries like USA its incidence is as low as 11 per year.

  5. hi ankita, cant wait to read the 30DS post!

    raw veggies and sprouts always carry the risk of tapeworms. also, raw veggies are difficult to digest.
    infact a lot veggies become more nutritious after being cooked properly like steaming, boiling, saute etc..
    if u r still keen on eating raw, then get a kent ozone veg purifier. it is effective in killing the superficial worms and the eggs. its not a gimmick. i have seen dead worms floating on surface of water after the veggies are purified with tht purifier. while i was watching the demo of the machine, the guy added some ink in a glass of water. then purified it with the machine (the ink color was gone) and he drank the water. he did it a lot of times..seriously!! i was stunned!

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