Weight Loss Diaries Vol.12 : This week so far


Hey everyone!

Hope you all had a good week. This weekend feels like an accomplishment because I completed Level 2 of Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred yesterday! Its not an easy workout for me but in these 20 days (with a few gaps in between), I’m seeing my body change and my endurance levels increase. I no longer huff and puff while climbing four floors of stairs, I can do a full set of abs without needing to pause in between and I feel much much lighter! I hope those of you who started this workout are able to keep up with it. Don’t worry if you’re not able to exercise some days, just don’t more than 1 day’s gap and don’t stop working out!

I also experimented with some recipes/foods this week. I tried out a Mushroom-Capsicum curry (based on Sia’s recipe), Besan Bhindi, a home-made Wheat base pizza (no cheese, just a bit of mayo- the white stuff you see) and Masala Oats from Saffola (the taste is exactly like Maggi masala!). I was also skipping the eggs since some days but then I remembered what Rujuta Diwekar says about having protein after workout – If you can’t give your body Protein after exercise, don’t exercise at all! I keep some boiled eggs in the fridge and eat 2 after working out.


Mushroom Capsicum curry
Mushroom Capsicum curry


Home made pizza on wheat base
Home made pizza on wheat base






Masala Oats from Saffola
Masala Oats from Saffola


Boiled eggs - post workout meal
Boiled eggs – post workout meal


[note color=”#FFE4C4″]I hope you all had a healthy week! Did you try out any new recipes this week? Do you have any workout/diet tips to share? You’re welcome to add your comments below or mail me at ankita@corallista.com. [/note]


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    1. Hey Jyoti, I got the brown pizza base from big Bazaar. I’ve not weighed myself, just keeping track of the inches. I’m experiencing more of toning and tightening than anything else. Will do a full post on this once I’m done with Level 3.

  1. hii,
    i want to know abt jillian michaels 30 days shred.how many levels are there in this and for how many days one have to do one level.

    1. Hey Priyam, please read my post about it, the link is given at the end of this post. It has 3 levels, each has to be done for 10 days.

  2. This is an extremely inspiring post you know – working out and eating healthy doesnt mean you`ve to compromise on tasty food. I love such experiments – If you are a non vegeterian then you can try grilled fish too , it provides both the protein and the omega 3s – If you are not please ignore this. You can try various forms of chole preparations , that too is yummy. pulses and soya preparations – when cooked and marinated well – they are the healthy foodie`s paradise ^_^

    1. I do love Chole 🙂 I like them slightly tangy with imli and jaggery, my nani makes amazing chole!

      I’m so happy you found this post inspiring. For people like me with strong tendencies to put on weight (and I know there are so many people out there with the same issue!) at some stage you have to come to a point where you are at peace with your body and its tendencies, you need to find ways to eat healthy without compromising on taste to be happy and satisfied!

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