My Top 5 (current) favorite lip balms


My Top 5 (current) favorite lip balms
My Top 5 (current) favorite lip balms



While it is hardly cold in Mumbai, my skin has started to show inexplicable dryness and so have my lips! This means an overload of lip balms – on my desk, in my purse, on my dresser, at my bedside and in my grocery bag too!

Here are my current favorite lip balms ~


My Top 5 (current) favorite lip balms
My Top 5 (current) favorite lip balms


1. Kiehls #1 Lip balm (Rs 500)

I absolute LOVE this lip balm. It instantly moisturizes and softens the lips no matter how parched they are. It doesn’t dry on my lips overnight and I wake up to soft luscious lips. Read my full review HERE.


2. Nivea Fruity Shine Pomegranate (Rs 129)

I love tinted lip balms and the Nivea ones are hands down my favorite! These give a noticeable amount of color along with a good dose of moisture (and they smell delicious as well!). When I first started wearing makeup, this is what I would wear everyday to my classes along with some kohl and compact powder! I also like the Strawberry one!


3. Maybelline Color Bloom Peach Blossom (Rs 199)

Maybelline makes pretty lip balms and this color changing one is really nice! It is decently moisturizing and applies clear on the lips but the color deepens to a peachy pink in a few minutes – great for the no-makeup days!


4. Nivea Repair and Beauty Lip Balm (Rs 149)

This was a recent impulse purchase but I quite like it because of its decent moisturization. What attracted me to this was the ‘tinted’ part which is actually a little misleading. It has a very pale pink color which washes me out completely but it feels buttery on the lips so I use this at bedtime mostly.


5. Maybelline Baby lips – Mango Pie (Rs 129)

These are a rage ever since they launched in India! This one is non-tinted and has good moisturization (not superb) – its the flavor that I really like and the packaging is super cute as well! It also has SPF 20. I’m going to pick a tinted one next!


[note color=”#FFE4C4″]Which are your favorite lip balms? Are there any good ones that you’d like to recommend? Share your comments below! [/note]



  1. loccitane shea butter i love. also kiehls n juicy tubes lancome. i knw lancome is nt exctly a lip balm bt it functions as one for me

  2. Nivea Fruity Shine seems to work for many people, sadly it doesn’t work for me. I’ve Pomegranate, though it smells nice and give nice tint, it doesn’t last long (not more than 30 mins) and makes lips dry.
    Maybelline Lip Smooth works best, but it has irritating smell. Currently liking Baby lips mango pie, although it doesn’t last for 8 hours as they claim, I have to reapply it every 2 hours.

  3. Try using the Maybelline Loves Color in Pink lolita and Berry Crush it’s very moisturizing and gives you a natural color to your lips 🙂

  4. I HV uses lotus herbals lip balm that's really nice in strawberry flavor but didn't liked the nivea smell.. Its stays well on my lips..

  5. Many years I hv used oriflame tender care & that's my all time favorite.. FE is quite expensive & doesn't lasts more than a month…

  6. Heya,I hav been using this amazing lipbalm from LOTUS HERBALS for almost like 2years now…
    though there r many flavors bt the one i loveeee 😍😍 s RASPBERRY one !!
    it comes in a small pot ..tho it looks rich in colour …it doesn't actlly leave ny colour lips bt its lovely…smooth n hydrating
    n wht i actlly love is the fact tht by using this product on a regular basis, my lips r always supple n hydrated n chapping at all…it hs worked wonders fr me…
    i use it 10mins before applying the ny lipcolor…love it 😍

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