How to pamper and protect your skin against dryness this Winter with Nivea


Winter skin care wonders

Protection and moisture guarantee skin that feels genuinely good in winter


Autumn is the season of cozy evenings spent on the sofa. It is also a season of changeable weather and temperature fluctuations (from 30 degrees to 10 to 2 degrees outside) which have a detrimental effect on our skin, making it more susceptible to irritation and sensitivity. With targeted care, you can protect your skin from head to toe against wind, rain and dry centrally heated air so that it feels healthy and relaxed throughout the winter months.


Nivea Smooth Body Milk for Dry Skin

Nivea Smooth Body Milk for Dry Skin




Winter protection for the complexion

When temperatures plummet, our skin’s lipid production practically comes to a standstill. Scientific studies have revealed that the protective film of lipids produced by our sebum glands spreads at a rate of around three millimeters a second at 20 degrees centigrade. At temperatures below this, the process continuously slows and, at eight degrees centigrade it comes to a stop. When this happens, moisturizers have no beneficial effects on the complexion and evaporating moisture can actually freeze on the skin at temperatures below zero. That’s why it’s a good idea to use a richer product when the skin is exposed to dry winter air. Rich crèmes & lotions with long-lasting effect protect the facial skin, strengthen its protective barrier and seal in the moisture (NIVEA Cream or NIVEA Nourishing Body Milk).


Hands and feet need special care in winter

Our circulation slows in winter so that our body can keep our temperature constant in cold weather. The hands, feet, ears and tip of the nose are the first parts of the body to show signs of this phenomenon. Cold wind causes our skin to lose moisture faster. Then, when we return inside where it’s warm, the centrally heated air acts like a hairdryer on the skin, causing the natural reflex in our capillaries of fast and very wide dilation. Our ears start to burn, our nose turns red and starts to run – and our hands feel hot. The only thing that helps is the frequent application of lotion, especially after washing.

A conditioning lotion can repair even small cracks and dry areas of skin (NIVEA Smooth Milk). The weekly application of rich conditioning creams and lotions to the hands perfects the appearance of the skin. Simply apply a thick layer of the cream, put a pair of cotton gloves on and leave to take effect for a few hours while you watch TV in the evening or overnight. Our feet also benefit from conditioning treatments. Lotions specialized for dry skin like NIVEA SMOOTH MILK BODY lotion soften skin that is stressed by winter boots, keep it supple and protect it from cracking due to dryness.


Close your eyes and immerse yourself

We long for warmth in the cold autumn and winter months. Women are particularly susceptible to cold. When it’s cold, a woman’s skin temperature is three degrees lower than that of a man. There’s nothing more appealing at this time of year than a hot bath. Breathe deeply, float and relax in a hot bath because it banishes coldness and muscle tension and improves your general wellbeing. Dry and very dry skin will benefit from bath oil products. They contain rich botanical oils and beneficial natural substances such as liposomes (Creme You should never use soap in conjunction with bath oil and remember to just dab your skin dry after your bath. If you rub your skin with the towel, you’ll remove the protective layer of oil which means you won’t enjoy its beneficial effects. After a bath it’s a good idea to apply a body lotion that provides valuable moisture – such as NIVEA Smooth MilkBody Lotion which alleviates the sensation of tightness that you get with dry skin for 24 hours plus.


Saunas soothe the body and soul

In winter, we perceive outdoor temperatures as up to 10 degrees colder than they actually are. That is because we have around 3,000,000 cold receptors that transmit frosty messages via the nerve paths to the brain in a matter of seconds. It’s no wonder that we feel cold so quickly because, by comparison, we only have around 30,000 heat receptors. Steam baths are skin-friendly as The steam improves our circulation and makes the skin look plumped up and rosy. And after the steam bath, don’t forget to moisturize! Rich body crèmes and lotions contain lipids which are stored between the skin’s outermost layers NIVEA Smooth Milk & NIVEA CRÈME. They form a protective film that seals in moisture, prevents it from evaporating and maintains the skin’s natural balance and protective barrier.


Specialists for dry skin

Sometimes dry skin is a congenital problem which means that we naturally produce too few lipids and moisture binding substances. Often, though, dry skin has other causes. In the autumn and winter, the majority of us suffer from dry and flaky skin at some time or other because cold temperatures, wind, centrally heated air and woolen clothing cause it to lose moisture and lipids. In addition to these climatic factors, long, hot showers or baths and frequent hand washing using large quantities of soap can also cause dryness. In close collaboration with leading dermatologists, the NIVEA skin experts have developed the range of NIVEA body care products for dry skin in the NIVEA Smooth Milk Body Lotion & NIVEA Nourishing Body Milk Lotions. The products have  the goodness of Shea Butter & Almond Oil which work beautifully on dry and very dry skin respectively along with  Hydra IQ, the intelligent moisturiser to provide intensive care to even very dry skin. Nivea Smooth Milk helps everyone to enjoy visibly smooth and touchably soft skin  in winter.


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