Weight Loss Diaries Vol.8 : 2 Healthy, Delicious Snack Recipes


Hey everyone!

Today I’m sharing 2 healthy and delicious recipes that I’ve been trying out this week. Evening ย is the time when most of us end up bingeing the most, thats the time when the hunger pangs are strongest – mostly when people come back from work. This is the time that you need to be prepared for, plan what you’re going to eat in advance so that you don’t end up eating the first unhealthy fried namkeen or sweet stuff that you see. Ideally, to keep your diet controlled, you need to plan all your meals in advance. But if you don’t have the time, just plan for the time when you know you eat end up eating unhealthy because of low energy/cravings.

2 Snacks that I loved having this week were Vegetable Wrap and Stir-fried Sprout Salad.


Vegetable Wrap


Weight loss diaries - Healthy Vegetable Wrap recipe
Weight loss diaries – Healthy Vegetable Wrap recipe




For the wrap, I just used a plain roti without ghee. In the wraps that you get outside, the wrap is either made from maida or loaded with oil. Making it at home ensures that its not loaded with fat or unhealthy maida. For the filling, I made a spicy vegetable using shredded cabbage, boiled peas and boiled corn in tomato puree base. I added lots of red chilli powder, pav bhaji powder and kitchen king masala to this gravy to make it spicy (it ended up being too spicy!).

The procedure it simple – take half tbsp oil, add cumin (jeera), a pinch of hing, finely chopped green chillies, onion (I didn’t add onion) and the 3 spices listed above according to your taste. Fry the masalas for a minute or two and then add tomato puree. Let it simmer for 2 min and then add boiled peas, corn, cabbage and any other veggies you fancy. Don’t add any water, keep the gravy thick. Let the mixture cook for 3-4 minutes and then turn the flame off.

Make a plain wheat roti, spread some green chutney on it, put the filling along the diameter of the roti, shred some cheese on it if you like and wrap the roti into a roll. Your healthy vegetable wrap is ready!



Spicy Stir fried sproutsย 


Weight Loss Diaries - Stir fried sprouts recipe
Weight Loss Diaries – Stir fried sprouts recipe


I used THIS recipe from Sia’s blog (Monsoon Spice) and the end result was really tasty! I made some tweaks in the recipe – I used a mixture of sprouts instead of just moong daal, I added 2 spoonfuls of Tomato ketchup while cooking and lots of (a little too much!) chopped coriander for the garnish. The curry leaves, the spices and the ketchup really added a very nice flavor to it. Don’t forget the lemon juice in the end, it makes a lot of difference! I ate this one day for dinner and another day in the evening with toasted multi-grain bread – it tasted great!


Another recipe I tried was a Healthy Bhel but it didn’t turn out that awesome. I didn’t have enough ingredients and I tried to make it without the sev, papdi and other namkeen, only used roasted chana for some crunch along with cucumber and tomato. Will try with some chutney (I was out of green chutney that day) and possibly cornflakes for some crunch, if it comes out good, I’ll share the recipe next time!


I’m always on the lookout for new healthy recipes. So if you have any recipes to share, do pen them out in the comments below!



  1. i hate sprouts ๐Ÿ™ ppl keep telling me how awesome they are … n how healthy but i cant get myself to eat these ๐Ÿ™
    loved ur wrap ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Wrap looks tempting. I make bhel a lot of times for snacks with lots of veggies like onions, tomato, grated carrots and cucumber. I store green chutney in the fridge and add that too( pudhina, coriander and green chilly ground). I don’t add any of the fried namkeens. I also make salads using boiled channa, corn, sprouts or any pulse (one on each day). Air poped popcorn is also my favorite eve snack.

  3. Heyy… Nice recipes :).. You know, if you use cow’s pure ghee, it wouldn’t hurt that much. Instead, it would help nourish your cells ๐Ÿ™‚ Try having sometime fresh cut papaya with green tea as an evening snack, it really feels refreshing and filling too as papaya is known to make you feel full.

    1. @manisha – i agree with the pure ghee thing. we churn out butter n ghee at home…its soo good.

      one shudnt hv tea n fruits together. tannins in the tea n coffee blocks the absorption of vitamins from fruit.

      also, shudnt hv fruits with or just after meals. this increases tryglyceride levels. not cool ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. These are some great, easy recipes…I make the sprouts and eat them raw/microwaved/make a paste n patty them with 1-2drops of oil; could you please tell me how you made the green chutney? Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. hey ankita… the wrap looks yumm! i too eat wraps n rolls.. i usually put a lettuce leaf or cabbage leaf first on the roti, so tht the filling doesnt come in contact with roti making it soggy very soon. u can try a smoky version of any wrap. light a piece of charcoal in a tiny steel katori placed in middle of filling, then cover it for 5 mins. u get a nice tandoori flavour.
    my mom does this many times – adding some curd/whey to the atta while kneading. itkeeps rotis/paranthas soft even after it has cooled down.

    hv u tried brown rice poha? mom makes it with lots of chopped onion, shredded cabbage, soya wadi granules, little urad dal. its really tasty once u get a hang of it.

    my another favourite is oats n rava idli with grated carrots. got the recipe from sailusfood.com.

    lauki muthiya also taste nice. lots of grated lauki (doodhi) liquid sqeezed out thoroughly, ginger garlic paste, green chilli paste, seasoning, whole wheat flour ( not the regular one, a little less milled. used in baatis normally). mix everything togather. the lauki’s wetness will work as a binder. little tricky at first few attempts but result is good. then shape like big gattas or flat wadas and steam. then give nice tempering and hv with a chutney of ur choice.

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