Weight Loss Diaries Vol. 6 : 3 Healthy, Delicious Recipes | Progress


Hey everyone!

How was your week?  I received mails from some of you about your weight loss routines and inspiration and I was very very happy that this segment motivated you to take control of your weight. Today I’m sharing 3 delicious, healthy recipes that I’ve been incorporating  quite often in my diet this week.


1. Fruit Smoothie



Healthy Delicious meal option : Fruit Smoothie
Healthy Delicious meal option : Fruit Smoothie


I love fruits, I love milk and I love yogurt. Throw the 3 together and I’ve got my perfect mini-meal! I’ve been mostly having a banana smoothie after my workout and it gives me the much needed energy after exercise. I also add a few dry fruits if I’ve missed that meal of the day – mostly almonds, prunes and walnuts and occasionally raisins. Apart from bananas, I also tried out a watermelon smoothie the other day and it was delicious! This is my most anticipated and cherished meal of the day!

Recipe : Pretty simple to make – 1 banana, 3 large spoonfuls of dahi (yogurt) and half a cup of milk. Throw in some dry fruits (almonds, prunes, raisins, walnuts ) and blend the mixture in a blender/mixer for 2 minutes. You can also add ice but I prefer not too as it dilutes the consistency and I like it thick. Since the keep the milk and yogurt in the refrigerator anyway, the smoothie is cold enough for me. You can also add a pinch of cardamom powder (ilaichi) or cinnamon (dalchini) for some added flavor.





2. Cucumber Mint cooler



Cucumber mint Cooler
Cucumber mint Cooler


I love having this for dinner. I get bored with the chopped salads sometimes so this is a nice variation though I’ve been told that salads should be eaten whole (same goes for fruits). Its not actually as watery and thin in consistency as a cooler but I didn’t know what else to name it 😐

Recipe : 2 cucumbers, 6-7 mint leaves, salt/pepper/sugar to taste , 2-3 ice cubes. Blend everything in a mixer, refrigerate for some time and have it cool. Go easy on the sugar, I just add half a teaspoon for some taste. This quantity will give about 2 glasses of the cooler, you can make it  more watery by adding more ice cubes but I like the thick consistency so I skip the ice cubes. You can garnish it with mint leaves.



3. Navratan Salad



The best salad I've had!
Healthy dinner option : Salads


Well I named it Navratan Salad when my Mum made it one day on my visit home because it had 9 components! This will require a little more effort than the other 2 recipes but its really tasty, filling and healthy!

The 9 components of this salad : Cabbage, Peas, Cucumber, Carrots, Capsicum, Tomato, Corn, Peanuts, Pomegranate.

The following components need to be boiled a bit : Carrots, Corn, Peanuts, Peas

The following need to be sauteed in rai(mustard seeds)+1/2 tbsp oil : Cabbage, Capsicum (don’t saute for more than 1-2 min)

Mix all the ingredients together (after boiling/sauteeing the ones that need it) and add some salt, fresh lemon juice and some apple cider vinegar. The vinegar gives a nice flavor to the salad.


And now for the Progress..


[note color=”#FFE4C4″]Diet-wise, I’ve been quite good. I’ve got the momentum now since I’ve been regular since the past 2 weeks so my hunger is totally in control. I did treat myself to a thin crust pizza last Sunday and I’m wondering what to eat tomorrow (Sundays are my treat days!)


Thin wheat crust Pizza : Cheese, tomato, pineapple topping
Thin wheat crust Pizza : Cheese, tomato, pineapple topping


I’ve actually cut down my lunch from 2 rotis to one. I take extra sabzi instead and I don’t feel hungry. Exercise-wise, I missed 2 days of workout because of the shoot I had mentioned earlier but after that I haven’t missed any day. I’ve taken to walking (45 min to 1 hour) on the days I am not able to go to the gym and today for the first time, I was able to squeeze in 1 hour of walking early morning too! I see no change in the weight but I am losing inches, I have lost another inch off my upper waist and 2 inches off my lower waist so I’m happy with my progress! I generally lose weight fastest on my upper body, the lower body especially the legs are the hardest!

How is your progress so far? If you don’t feel comfortable sharing it in the comments, you can always drop me a mail at ankita@corallista.com. [/note]


And if you need some motivation, check THIS post.


Some motivation for the coming week for you :



For Fitness Inspiration
For Fitness Inspiration


For Fitness Inspiration
For Fitness Inspiration


For Fitness Inspiration
For Fitness Inspiration


For Fitness Inspiration
For Fitness Inspiration


Disclaimer : I only own the watermarked images in this post. 

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  1. hi ankita..great post! every saturday i wait for ur weight loss diaries.

    u know what i am doing next? i will be getting my ‘before’ picture enlarged and tape it on my bedroom’s wall where i can see my college days self (read sexy slim, very pretty and very fashionable and well dressed) and get inspired every day 🙂 wish me luck 🙂

    1. All the best Jyoti 🙂 I make it a point to look at old pictures too and those Pinterest boards I mentioned in the previous post. Keep me updated with your progress!

  2. The results of your regularity are visible in your recent face shots. You look amazing. Not that you didn’t before, but your skin is practically glowing.

    I wanted to ask something. I take it that you live alone and do your own cooking. How do you manage? Like do you start everything from scratch when you are cooking a meal? Or do you prep and cut things up before? Basically I’m asking what is your cooking routine? I’m a useless cook. I can cook but I’m terrified of kitchen responsibility. Your diet routine from Vol.3 kinda made me feel that I have to spend my entire day in the kitchen, which you obviously don’t. Hope you are not gonna take any offence if this is a super lame question, because in my head its very serious.

    And on a random note, you kinda remind me of Aria Montgomery/Lucy Hale from Pretty Little Liars.

    1. Thanks Doel 🙂

      Your query is not lame at all. Initially I found that I was spending way too much time in the kitchen but slowly, I’ve begun to organize myself in a way that I don’t have to spend much time there. I’m mostly taking cereal in the mornings so no cooking there. For lunch, I decide the prev night what I’ll be cooking and its generally 1 sabzi/daal and roti. I do the atta in the night itself so that I can just make the roti quickly for lunch. Afternoon is again fruit or dry fruit so no cooking. I do cook something fresh in the evening as that is my last carbs and I like having something hot and fresh. Very often I just make one roti from the leftover atta from the morning and either make a fresh sabzi or use the one from the morning if any is left. If I’m not in the mood for that, I make something like poha or sandwich. Either way, it doesn’t take more than 20 minutes again. Since I’m making very simple food these days, I don’t need to do much preparation. The only prep I do is soaking the daal/rajma etc. overnight if I’m planning to make that and doing the atta.

      For dinner I’m generally taking salads or if I have any leftover daal, so again it doesn’t take more than 10-15 to chop and mix the salad ingredients. Overall, I’ve seen that I stick to simple sabzi roti routine and just spend half n hour in the night in the prep, it saves up a lot of time during the day.

      I think Lucy is gorgeous, thanks for the compliment! 🙂

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