Weight Loss Diaries Vol.5 : Progress | For Motivation


Hey everyone!

I know you’ve been liking this feature so far and I can’t tell you how much motivation and direction writing this feature gives me. I’ve shared my diet and some tips and now its time to reveal how good/bad we’ve been with our diet/exercise routine in the past few days. While my diet went for a toss while I was in Delhi, I have caught on with the disciplined diet I was following before the trip.


Weight loss Diaries : For Motivation
Weight loss Diaries : For Motivation




I’ve been very very good this week and I’m rather proud of myself for that!


  • I’ve had 3 litres of water everyday which normally I find very difficult. I just fill up three 1 liter bottles in the morning and make it a point to finish up the 3. I finish up 1 before breakfast (in one go). This makes my stomach clear and also makes consuming 2 liters during the day very easy!
  • I’ve been consistent with my diet – not strayed a single time this week!
  • I’ve exercised most days (with the exception of yesterday). I made it a point to go the gym even if it were just for a few minutes and it felt really good though it was just 20 minutes of cardio!
  • My weight hasn’t budged but I feel slimmer, my water retention is not so bad and I’ve dropped 2 inches off my waist. I’m beginning to notice things like my neck looks slimmer, my jawline and chin a little more chiseled and it feels really good!
  • My cravings and hunger pangs are in control and I feel motivated!


The reason for the extra motivation is that I have a shoot for a campaign coming up next week (to be revealed soon). The camera tends to add extra kilos (as if what we have isn’t enough!) and I want to make sure I feel fit and healthy for it!


If you’re falling short of motivation, here are a few tips :


  • Having a reason like wanting to wear a particular dress or an important occasion is always a great motivator for weight loss. It also gives a timeline to work with. Its essential to keep finding new goals to motivate yourself. After this shoot, I’m going to go to the mall and find a dress that’ll look great on me if I lose 5 kgs and then I’m going to work on my weight and reward myself when I’ve lost that weight. Shopping for clothes when you’re losing weight is a great way to reward yourself and to keep yourself going!
  • I’d also recommend Rujuta Diwekar’s Women and the Weight loss Tamasha Audio book to everyone. Even if you’ve read the print book, it’s a good idea to buy the audio version. You might forget what you read in the book (unless you’ve read it over and over and implemented it) but listening gives better retention. You can listen to it while driving to work or any time you can find in the day while doing housework etc. There are lots of little nuggets of information in this book that might help you in a big way! You can buy the Audio book from flipkart HERE.
  • If you’ve been slim/healthy in the past, use the pictures taken from that time to motivate yourself. At first it hurts to even think about how thin you were but once you get over it, it works as a motivator! Keep 1 picture of your slimmer self at your desk or as your wallpaper – somewhere you’d see it often. Also keep a picture of your current self next to it. Let it inspire you instead of pulling you down!
  • Join Pinterest! I spend some time every 2-3 days looking at THIS on Pinterest and it always motivates me!
  • Does food inspire you? (it inspires me for sure!). Promise to reward yourself with something awesome at the weekend provided you are sincere with your diet the entire week. I’ve promised myself a thin crust pizza this weekend 🙂
  • Lastly, nothing works like DISCIPLINE! You can do everything you want but if you cannot control your urges to eat, cannot discipline yourself to exercise – its just not going to work. Motivation is important no doubt, but discipline is the KEY! Just decide to work out everyday even if it is just for 15 minutes but do it everyday, no exceptions. See how good you will feel in just a week of following through with your commitment!

Here are some Pins from Pinterest that I like, hope it inspires you as well!


Weight loss Diaries : For Motivation
Weight loss Diaries : For Motivation


Weight loss Diaries : For Motivation
Weight loss Diaries : For Motivation


Weight loss Diaries : For Motivation
Weight loss Diaries : For Motivation


Weight loss Diaries : For Motivation
Weight loss Diaries : For Motivation



And on a more serious note…


Weight loss Diaries : For Motivation
Weight loss Diaries : For Motivation


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  1. Wow !! First of all congratulations on losing 2 inches and that too on the waist area.. That’s something !!! Which are the cardio exercises you are doing ??? Any waist specific exercises ??

    1. Thanks Amrutha 🙂 I find waist the easiest to trim, its the hips, thighs and calves that are most difficult for me! nothing specific for the waist. Just treadmill, cycling and cross body trainer for cardio.

  2. this post means a lot to me ankita. hearty thanks to u. reading these quotes were like talking to a genuine friend! i am bookmarking this page! thanks again! God bless!

  3. Hey ankita. I really liked your initiative to help people to lose weight.
    I would just like to give my 2 cents. Motivation is the key and discipline too but please do NOT starve yourself to get to your goal. And weight loss does not have to be a 1-2 year process. I lost 13 kgs in 2 months and trust me I used to eat everything. All I used to do was walk 2 hours everyday and eat home cooked food and drink a lo of water. If I felt like having a chocolate in between I used to have that. I didn’t deprive myself. I used to cycle 10 kms everyday along with walking. Just do this ladies and Im sure as hell the results will be showing almost instantly!
    Best of luck everyone ! 🙂 xx

    1. Thats a great achievement Siya! 10 km Cycling sounds fantastic! Its really important to eat right to maintain health as well the shine of the skin and hair. What’s your workout routine now to maintain the weight?

  4. Nice post.. I’m starting a new diet plan today.. Hope i Stick to it..
    I totally lack motivation.. I never stick to my diet plans..
    I actually don’t need to loose weight.. In fact I need to gain some weight.. But have to diet because of my terrible skin..
    Whatever I eat goes to my face.. Hope i’m able to continue with the plan..

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