Weight Loss Diaries Vol. 3 : My Diet Routine


Hey everyone!

I’m really glad so many of could connect with this feature. Last week I shared some simple tips to get you started on a healthy diet. I hope some of you were able to follow those tips! Today I’m sharing my diet routine that I’ve been following since the past few days. To lose weight and not compromise on health, you need to eat right as well as exercise.


9:00 AM : Breakfast


Healthy Breakfast - Oats with fruits, dry fruits
Healthy Breakfast – Oats with fruits, dry fruits


You have many options here like Poha, Upma, Sandwich and Cereal. Lately, I’ve having Oats with fruits+dry fruits and milk and it keeps me filled for a long time. Adding the fruits and dry fruits increases the nutritional value. Oats are known to have many benefits, the major one being its efficacy in lowering cholesterol. You can read more about the benefits of Oats HERE. I take 1 capsule of Becadexamine( multi-vitamin) with breakfast.

I add finely diced apple, bananas, prunes, almonds, walnuts and raisins to my oats.


11 : 00 AM : Breakfast-Lunch Mid meal snack

On days that I get up early enough for a 4-5 hour gap between breakfast and lunch, I take a serving of fruit (any whole fruit) 2 hours after my breakfast. On days that I’m not up early, I directly take lunch 2 hours after my late breakfast.


11:45-1:00 PM : Workout (Gym)


1:30 PM : Lunch


Lunch - Multigrain rotis with sabzi
Lunch – Multigrain rotis with sabzi


I typically take 2 rotis (made of multigrain atta, no ghee) and any sabzi. Occasionally, I take rice/pulao with rajma/chole. I’m not very fond of daal so I don’t make daal very often. Sometimes I also take scrambled eggs with 2 pieces of whole wheat bread. I add sprouts/tomatoes to the eggs to make it more nutritious.


3:30-4:00 PM : Afternoon Snack


Mid meal snack : Fruits
Mid meal snack : Fruits


Another fruit serving here. I generally make this one a mixed fruit salad with bananas, apples and whatever other fruits I may have at the moment – pomegranate, pears, kiwi, watermelon. For the garnish, I add a dash of lemon juice, salt, chat masala and a pinch of sugar. This generally fills me up for quite some time.


6:30-7:00 PM : Late evening Carbs


My favorite breakfast food : Poha


This is more like an early dinner. I don’t have a fixed meal for this time, I just take anything that is ready or quick to make – cucumber/tomato sandwich, poha, 1 roti+sabzi (if leftover from lunch).


9:00-9:30 PM : Dinner


Healthy Dinner - Salad with groundnuts
Healthy Dinner – Salad with groundnuts


For Dinner, I’ve been taking only Salads since some days. I typically take cucumbers, tomatoes with some shredded cabbage and toss in some boiled sprouts or groundnuts to make it more interesting. Garnish : Lemon juice, Salt, Chaat Masala.


Pre bedtime : A glass of skimmed milk (w/o sugar)


Pre-bedtime - Milk
Pre-bedtime – Milk


If I get hungry by the time I go to bed, I take a glass of milk without sugar. If I’m too hungry, I cannot go to sleep and a glass of milk is the best thing to take at this time.


Most Important : Take at least 3 Litres of water. To make it easier for me to finish up the 3 liters, I take the first liter at moment I wake up before I take my breakfast. Avoid drinking too much water after 8 pm so that you don’t have to wake up again and again to visit the loo.


I’m not always able to follow the routine fully but even if I deviate from the timings, I try to make sure I stick to the 4 Things I talked about in THIS post. Within a few days of following this diet, my cravings and hunger pangs seem more in control. Since I’m eating every 2-3 hours, I don’t end up overeating in any meal. I try to control my portions as much as possible. Instead of reaching out for an extra roti, I try to eat some salad or more sabzi.


With this diet, I’m getting the necessary fiber along with enough carbohydrate, dairy and protein. When I was working with the dietician, I was on more supplements like Vit C, Calcium and Omega 3 but I haven’t started those again. I am thinking about taking them again for a month and then in alternate cycles because they did seem to have helped earlier.


[note color=”#FFE4C4″] I hope you found this helpful!  I don’t have a quantitative measure of how I have done since the past week as I haven’t been able to go much to the Gym but I have been doing some exercise everyday at home and inch-wise, I’m feeling slimmer and leaner. I’ve been good with my diet this past week, following pretty much the routine I’ve given above with the exception of 1 day. How was your week? Could you follow your diet and exercise routines? Let me know in the comments below! [/note]

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  1. Wow, you’re so good when it comes to eating. I made pumpkin spice bread last night, along with apple cinnamon cupcakes with caramel frosting. My diet hasn’t started yet. LOL.

  2. Nice article, Ankita 🙂
    When I lost a drastic amount of weight 2 years back, my diet was a lot similar to yours. I started my day with a bowl of kellogs K with milk followed by a hot breakfast after 1 hour(poha/upma/parantha/idli) and then an apple 2 hrs post that. Then I would have a balanced lunch of chapatis, dal, lots of salad and raita/buttermilk(I wud usually skip sabzi bcoz 80% of the time I was eating in office canteen and as we all know sabzi in office canteen has buckets of oil in it usually). I would then have either an apple in the evening or a chutney sandwich or murmura bhel followed by again a bowl of kellogs K and milk which used to be my last meal of the day and I tried to have it by 7:30 latest. This diet + lots of walking + slimming massages = 9 kgs shed.

  3. hey i must congratulate you for this!!i mean there are so many of us who do want a proper diet chart that is actually possible to follow and your detailed diet stuff will actually help most girls.Though i have been strict with what i eat, still sumtyms i let it loose,but i guess your posts will actually keep me motivated.Thanks a lot.

  4. hi ankita… very healthy diet ! i m getting motivated.. thanks for sharing. plzzzzzz help me like oats. i HATE eating oats in any n every form 🙁

    my eating habbits r quite similar to urs. i dont hv much milk but i try to have low fat curd. its really good for stomach. also, i hv been experimenting with different types of grains. rotis n breads get boring sumtimes. i like brown rice n palak idlis with lots of sambhar, ragi khichdi with loads of veggies, spicy bajra roti ( its heavy, so hv less) etc…

    can u do a post on ideas of low carb / no carb vegetarian dinner ideas? preferably with links to recipes?

    i just got a fitness dvd for myself. 30 day shred by jillian michaels. next on list is turbo jam by chalene johnson. do check out on youtube. both r amazing

  5. I few months back I discovered a thing called Satto (never heard of it before). I hated it, but then I tried it one day, about 4tbs in a cup of cold water with 1tsp sugar. It felt heavenly. It’s a little difficult to make, so I start with little water and make a paste, and add cold water in the end. Since then that’s all I have in the morning and don’t feel hungry until lunch(around 1pm). My eating habbits are horrible, but this one thing has made me loose pounds, seriously! 🙂

  6. heyyy girl !! u seem to be doing an amazing job.. 😀 😀 😀
    I, for that matter have managed to screw it up even further , not eating healthy, no portion control and timings gone for a toss. I tried sticking to a balnced diet for two days but then this week every day was an all nighter. Drank up gallons of coffee 🙁
    Havent lost hope but, starting a one week challenge from tomorrow where in no outside food, either its mess ka khana or fruits or nothing with atleast 15 Suryanamaskars a day. Hoping to complete this week successfully. 🙂

  7. Hey Ankita, i hv also been thinkg about going on diet for quite somtime given i hv put on 6-8 kgs post pregnancy….this should help me…

    Anyways, since most of us dont know how to eat oats other than with milk, I thought of sharing a quick and tasty recipe….Boil the oats with slight salt in water and drain. Then in another pan, start adding little oil, cumin seeds, curry leaves, onion, salt, mixed chopped veg (of your choice), tomatoes, masala, salt etc….lastly add boiled oats. This makes healthy and tasty veg upma of oats. I hv tried one of this receipe mentioned in Saffola Oats recipe book which comes free with Saffola oats….and its yummy!!!

  8. Hi Ankita, Your posting r get to read! Love the way u have organised your meals through out the day! a good outline for some of us, been following some of ur suggestions and trying out different/interesting food, such as Upma ( now please don’t get shocked i am Bengali and Umpa is something Bengalis eat:) Upma been a great hit my sisters 2!!!!!!! now spend more time looking at South Indian Food Recipes. Oh and another shocker, i am a vegetarian Bengali!!!!

  9. If u really wanna loose weight fast cut sugar in any form from your diet,no fruits no roots vegetables they are high in carbs,no roti or any grain product at least for a month limit ur carb as much as u can and increase ur protein intake,u can loose 10 -15lbs in a month,it works I have tried it.
    If u r a vegetarian their r lot of other sources of protein other than meat
    -low carb protein powders
    -Greek yogurt

    1. Hi Rubab, there are many ways to lose weight. But cutting out fruits and grains from the diet is not healthy. The whole point of this feature is to help you lose weight in a healthy way without compromising the nutritional needs of your body and the shine and luster of the skin/hair!

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