Have you ever had a makeup disaster?


[note color=”#FFE4C4″] Ever since I’ve started blogging, I’ve never had a makeup disaster but back in school, for my farewell function, I had paired a heavily lined eye with a rather bright lip ( I don’t remember the name of the shade but its was a Revlon Moisture stay and it was beautiful!). I had worn some foundation(don’t remember which one it was) and while the makeup looked really nice freshly applied, it didn’t stay so for long.

By the time I was at school, taking pictures with my friends, my kohl had smudged and run down giving me the worst raccoon eyes and my skin had become very oily and shiny. Add to that my dry frizzy hair which I had insisted on keeping open, I did not look good (to put it mildly!).  I still cringe when I think of the pictures, I don’t have any on my laptop but even if I did, I would be too embarrassed to share them!

Have you ever had a makeup disaster? What went wrong? Share your story below! [/note]




  1. I have had too many to name! I remember when I was 13, I decided to fix my strange eyebrow (there was a tuft of hair that separated from the rest in the inner part of my brow) by using a black liner to connect the tuft to the rest of the brow. Not good. I looked at the pictures later on, and saw that I looked like a gremlin! Oscar the Grouch’s brows looked prettier compared to mine!

  2. I remember, I had one while I was in X th std & was getting ready for the farewell. I was applying makeup for the 1st time & out of curiosity, I applied all the makeup things from my Moms kits in lot of amount, because I was super excited, but then I was saw my pics I was so shocked, my face appeared to be so powdery because of my own stupidity. I know we all do silly things in our teenage, but its fun to rem them.

  3. Haha, I think school farewell photography should be banned 😛 I looked horrible as well! But a bigger gaffe was with my first concealer – which was a random Lakme liquid one and two shades too light…I was visiting a few relatives and it was my birthday and the difference in skin tone showed up too well in all the pictures! Quite the opposite of raccoon eyes 😛 Am ultra cautious about concealers now!

  4. I keep having makeup disasters every now and then but thankfully I never had a makeup disaster at any big occasion so far 😛
    And thank god, I do not have any horrid memories of my farewell makeup 😛 I completely nailed it at that time 😉
    My most recent disaster was when I went to Delhi some time back and went out to meet a friend. Wore an ultra chic red lip with heavy eye makeup and thanks to my hair which have become frizzy and too dry in last few months, and I usually keep them open, they just helped to me make me look revengeful, he he he 😀 When the pictures came out, all I could do is to choose not to post them over facebook no matter how hard my friend would try n bug me for those pics as it was supposed to be our re-union pic ;);)

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