Weight Loss Diaries Vol. 2 : 4 Easy Diet Tips to get you started on Healthy Eating Habits


Hey everyone!

I had decided to keep this weekly feature with Vol. 2 coming up next weekend but after reading your comments, I thought this post could be of help to many of you who do not know where to get started.

In this post, I have listed out 4 easy and do-able dietary habits that personally work for me. So for those who want to lose weight the healthy way, do try to incorporate these 4 tips in your routine and see how it works for you!


1. Eat a healthy, hearty breakfast within an hour of waking up.


Try to eat healthy wholesome foods like vegetable sandwich, poha, upma, low-oil vegetable paranthas or eggs for breakfast. Eat within an hour of waking up and eat well, breakfast is the most important meal of the day!


My favorite breakfast food : Poha
My favorite breakfast food : Poha





2. Drink a minimum of 3 liters of water everyday.


The simplest trick to lose weight – drinking adequate water! Take at least 3 liters everyday, it will cleanse your stomach and add a glow to your skin as well.


Take 3 liters of water everyday
Take 3 liters of water everyday



3. No carbohydrates after 7 pm.


Assuming you go to bed around 11-12 pm, cut out the carbohydrates from dinner and instead consume daal/sabzi/salad/grilled paneer for dinner. Don’t starve yourself, eat well but cut out the roti/rice from dinner. Undigested food is the cause of weight gain, your body cannot break down the food you consume at night as you sleep so eat light in the night. Your last carbohydrate meal like a roti with sabzi or sandwich should be at least 4 hours before you sleep. Then for dinner, say around 9, skip the roti/rice and eat only daal/veggies/sprouts/salads etc. Works like a charm! (I’m not positively sure but I think non-vegetarians can eat grilled chicken or fish)


Grilled paneer with side veggies makes an excellent healthy dinner
Grilled paneer with side veggies makes an excellent healthy dinner


Check out the recipe for the above dish HERE. (I do not own the image)



4. Consume at least 1 serving of fresh fruit and salads everyday.


You should ideally consume more but to get started, eat at least 1 fresh fruit everyday and change the fruit everyday – have a banana one day, an apple the next day and a pear/pomegranate the next day. Eat the whole fruit so that you get the fibre and eat it with the skin wherever applicable. Also eat 1 serving of salad everyday. The fiber helps in cleansing the intestine of undigested food and aids bowel movement.


Include at least 1 fresh fruit in your diet
Include at least 1 fresh fruit in your diet


[note color=”#FFE4C4″] I hope these 4 Tips will get you started. I will wait for an update next weekend from those of you who are going to incorporate these changes in the coming week! For weight loss AND for maintaining weight, you need to eat RIGHT. You can lose weight by starving yourself but you also end up losing your muscle strength, the shine and luster of your skin and hair and suffer from hormonal imbalance if you starve yourself to lose weight. You need to eat to lose weight and eat right. To be fit and healthy for life, you need to adopt healthy eating patterns and increase your metabolism so that your body digests what you eat!

There are many more things you should do but for starters I think these 4 basic ones are enough! Hope this helps 🙂

p.s : I wanted to thank all of you who shared their stories in Vol. 1 of this feature. I know its a very personal thing and it takes courage to share, I really appreciate it and it motivates me more to do this feature with you all![/note]

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  1. Hi Ankita,
    While I love your posts on fashion and beauty, it is commendable that you have decided to take up healthy living. I have started doing the same too. I really believe that the kind of motivation one requires for weight comes not just from self and but also the people around you. A sense of camaraderie and community helps in continuing your efforts. Keep up the good work. You can also visit my blog sometime.

  2. wow those were really helpful tips Ankita…..i always make sure that I eat a healthy breakfast but i have to improve on the rest of the things…..after goin thru ur first post yesterday i made up my mind to drink atleast 3l starting today….i managed to gulp down only around 2l till now :-(…but dats a good start i guess!

  3. I already follow these 4 steps. But the key to success is consistency! If I go out for dinner, I end up eating unhealthy food. BTW can we eat that one serving of fresh fruits in the evening as dinner?

  4. hi everyone… i was under the guidance of a dietician… all of ankitas tips are exactly wht the dietician had given..in addition to that it also helps to have coconut water as tht helps in getting rid of water retention and its a tasty way of adding to ur fluid intake!another thing to do is ditch all sodas..even the ones tht say diet.. coz the artificial sweetener in diet coke etc will make u crave more and more food thus sabotaging all efforts!these tips have worked for me…n @marathiweddings,,, avoid fruits post dinner.. they will do more harm than good. eat ur fruits in morns on n empty stomach as soon as u wake up and then have ur breakfast in an hr after tht… fruits r best had an hr before or after meals but nt with meals…hope i helped

  5. Great post Ankita!!!
    Also cut down the proportion size of one meal and infact we can have mid meal every 2 hours…!!! even a handful of peanuts, channa, fruits, almonds, pistachio , vermicilli, yogurt, veggie soup..!!!! all these can make up a good mid meal…!!! and yes we should always listen to our stomach and eat sensibly…!!!!

    Can you please share your exercise schedule – so as it can help us to follow it … A fit and healthy body is only due to a combination of workout + Diet/lifestyle change… its difficult to get results only by following one,,,

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