In what sequence do you apply your makeup?


[note color=”#FFE4C4″]I am in the habit of doing my eyes before the face makeup so that my base doesn’t get spoiled by fallout from eye shadow/pigments. After eyes, I do my face, then lashes+brows and lastly lips! If I’m only going to be wearing liner on the eyes, I do my face first and then the eyes and lips.

In what sequence do you apply your makeup? Let me know in the comments below! [/note]



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  1. I usually do my foundation first then eyes then rest of the face and lastly lips. I apply foundation first, just as a habit and while I do eyes, foundation gets time to set properly.

  2. i always start with the base then does the eyes n brows and finally the lips…..i’ve tried doing the eye first but felt that i could do my eye makeup looked better once my face was flawless 🙂

  3. i need a clean slate to work upon so dfntly primer foundation fix spray corrector concealer powder then eyes n then cheeks n finally lips.

  4. always noticed that there r many lipsticks like for eg. mac craving russian red need makeup to come out well. just applied
    craving on mac lip erase without ne makeup n boy i looked weird.

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