What kind of lipstick finish do you like?


Wearing L'Oreal Paris Color Riche lipstick Intense Fuchsia - Day 3 of Lakme Fashion Week
Wearing L’Oreal Paris Color Riche lipstick Intense Fuchsia – Day 3 of Lakme Fashion Week


[note color=”#FFE4C4″] I like my lipsticks to be creamy with a bit of soft glossy sheen. It makes the lips look smooth, healthy and hydrated! My first thought is L’Oreal Color Riche lipsticks, they are oh-so-creamy! I also like satin finishes as long as they don’t emphasize the fine lines. I do not like frost/shimmer in my lipsticks though I can tolerate a bit of shimmer in my glosses.

What about you? Which is your favorite finish when it comes to lipsticks?

Let me know in the comments below! [/note]



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  1. Count me in too 🙂 Me too love lipsticks with creamy finish, yet not supper glossy. Matte is also workable for me since I coat my lips with a layer of lip balm anyway. However, a gloss with too many shimmering particles puts me off and for that reason I did not like the much hyped Lakme Absolute lip glosses range because they leave shimmery particles behind after fading off.

  2. I like a cream finish. I don’t like too much frost, and mattes are so flat against my skin tone. I do wear mattes sometimes, but they are usually red or fuchsia. I have one shade (Revlon Spicy Cinnamon) which is a frost shade, but the color is not too bright, so it works out for me.

  3. gloss girl by day and creamy amplified colour by night. had a similar perspective on frost glitter till i tried mac naked paris- fab colour n better when worn with mac plum lip liner used as a liner cum filler.

  4. i prefer d matte finishes 4rm MAC.., d amplified or creamsheen one’s accentuate d pigmentatn on my lips.,! d lipsticks whch provide complete opaque coverage are a win-win 4 me 🙂

    1. That would be so awesome but it’ll never happen sadly. I did enjoy the 15% off sale Lifestyle counters had last month though, picked up loads of eye shadows, a lipstick and foundation then. Hope they have that in the next sale season too!

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