Which brands would you like to try out or explore more?


Forest Essentials
Forest Essentials


[note color=”#FFE4C4″] There are some brands I’ve barely tried or not tried out at all but I always wanted to. One of them would be Forest Essentials and the other would be The Nature’s Co. I keep visiting their website every now and then and exploring the product range but never end up ordering anything. They have very few stores which I’ve never visited till now. Have you tried any products from Forest Essentials or The Nature’s Co? Would your like to recommend something to me?

From makeup brands, I think I haven’t explored Faces nearly enough and perhaps Revlon as well. I always pick up lipsticks from Revlon but yet to try out a foundation or compact.I also want to try out the Clinique 3-Step skin care which I’ve heard so much about and Estee Lauder lipsticks and Mascaras!

Are there any brands that you’d like to try out or explore more?

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  1. u should definitely try Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel (gel-for oily skin)….it works wonders….smoothens skin and refines texture over a period of time!!MUST TRY

    1. I have a lipstick but I don’t like it much. The Anti Blemish solutions liquid makeup foundation is great for oily/acne prone skin!

  2. Ilamasqua and Inglot! Have heard so many good things about them (and seen soooo many tempting and attractive pictures of products!) but their stores are really physically elusive – at least, that is, there are none in my area (I prefer to buy from the shop itself rather than online.) Same goes for Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier, Eve Pearl…. The list is long unfortunately!

    1. Both are great! Inglot has amazing products and shade range which is very affordable as well. Illamasqua’s price point puts it in the high end range + the shipping charges are really high but the quality is really good and some of the shades are so unique!

  3. try clinique moisture surge or guerlain essence de pearl face wash. also try kama ayurveda bringadi hair treatment. everytime i try it i get a feeling that im experiencing a piece of kerela.. loveeely.

  4. as far as clinique 3 step skin care is concerned well at around a thousand bucks their face washes r v average. seba med face washes r better at half the price.

      1. so had i till i used it myself.. the dramatically dffrnt gel only moisturises which can be done by using oilatum or efaderm (available at chemists). as far as moisture surge is concerned its nice if applied at night. ull wake up to a supple skin. i hv also tried estee lauder cyber white range n clarins whitening range. they all work till u use them. u stop it n urskin is back to square one.
        the one product ive looved lately has been dr. reddys ‘c10 ampules’ fab vitamin c ampules that gve a glow n radiance to skin. bt shud b used aftr consulting a dermtlgst. also try Ansolar gel sunscreen spf 30… cnt stop raving about it. all the benefits of a sunscreen minus the dirty stickiness

  5. There are so many… I have started using FE recently.. U shud definitely try Their Tejasvi ubtan. Apart frm that I wud love to explore Clarins , they have some amazing skincare stuff. and MAC too

  6. I have been using Revlon compact touch & glow for couple of years…infact i keep trying diff brands in between but keep wanting to go back to to it always !!!

    I have also been gifted The Nature co’s product by my dearest friend Roopa and have used the eye gel….

    You must review Revlon illuminator as well….one product which i have been recommended by my friends for the glow it imparts, but have not bought due to price tag !!

  7. clarins beautyflash balm is just awsome… also estee lauder signature lipsticks.. i have one in mocha n its MLBB shade n a lovely nude for dusky chicas

      1. yea i figured dat whn i saw ur earlier posts. i had used their stretch mark control cream n some oil for leg massage. got em free whn da sales person at clarins shoppers stop bandra saw me heavily pregnant. ;p da foot n leg massage gel oil smelled so divine.

  8. You can try Nature’s corn face pack, multi vitamin massage cream, Jasmine body scrub and rosemary hibiscus hair pack to begin with.

    1. Thanks Sunayana! Is the Rosemary Hibiscus Hair pack good for frizzy hair? Thats my main concern apart from hair fall.

  9. Hey, that’s the night treatment cream which I mentioned in my wishlist. Thanks for featuring it in your photo 🙂
    I really can’t think of anything that I’d recommend and you wouldn’t have tried it already. But I’d still like you to try my recent purchases, colorbar nailpaints – pretty please and night fiery. Both these colors will look amazing on your beautiful fingers 🙂

    1. I will try these nail paints for sure, thanks for recommending! The promo pic of the night cream looked so beautiful, had to share it here!

  10. want a bespoke homemade beautifier? head to pydhonie a quaint shop cld haji bashiroil shop. they press almond oil n u cn ask them fr leftover almond paste. he shud gve u a good amount ofit fr as lil as 100 200 bucks. mix almond oil honey ambehaldi n chiksa powder. refrigerate it n use it whenever u want by mixing milk ( dry skin) or rose water.

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