Tutorial Thursday : Kim Kardashian inspired Silver Smokey eye makeup for Brown eyes


Hey everyone!

Today I’m doing a super simple Silver Smokey eye makeup Tutorial which is inspired by brown eyed beauty Kim Kardashian’s signature smokey eye. Traditionally, warm metallics and neutrals like gold, copper, bronze add depth to brown eyes but a contrasting shade like silver or grey can add a gorgeous sparkle to brown eyes.

I hope you like the look, don’t forget to leave your comments below this post!


Kim Kardashian inspired Silver Smokey eye makeup tutorial for Brown eyes
Kim Kardashian inspired Silver Smokey eye makeup tutorial for Brown eyes




I’m not recreating any particular look of Kim Kardashian’s here but just taking inspiration from the general style. A while back I saw a video of her makeup being done by Celebrity Makeup Artist Mario and that was the first time I realized how beautiful silver can look against brown eyes. You can watch the video I’m talking about HERE. Mario mentions most of the products he is using so in case  you’re curious about her lipstick or which eye shadow has been used on her, gave a look at the video.


Kim Kardashian Silver smokey eye makeup
Kim Kardashian Silver smokey eye makeup


Kim Kardashian Silver smokey eye makeup
Kim Kardashian Silver smokey eye makeup


A little research revealed that its not Kim Kardashian but many other brown eyed celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna like to use silver to add contrast to their eyes. Rihanna also uses a lot of blue in her eye makeup, from turquoise to pale silvery blue to navy, she has worn blue in almost every shade!


Kim Kardashian inspired Silver Smokey eye makeup tutorial for Brown eyes
Kim Kardashian inspired Silver Smokey eye makeup tutorial for Brown eyes


This is a simple look and you need very few things. Here are the products I am using :

  1. Lakme Absolute Kohl Ultimate
  2. L’Oreal Paris Infallible eye shadow : Flashback Silver
  3. L’Oreal Paris Infallible eye shadow : Endless Chocolate
  4. Avon Super Shock Mascara
  5. Brushes : MAC 219, MAC 217, Sephora eye shader brush


Kim Kardashian inspired Silver Smokey eye makeup tutorial for Brown eyes
Kim Kardashian inspired Silver Smokey eye makeup tutorial for Brown eyes


Step-by-step Tutorial :



Kim Kardashian inspired Silver Smokey eye makeup tutorial for Brown eyes
Kim Kardashian inspired Silver Smokey eye makeup tutorial for Brown eyes


Step 1 : Moisturize + Prime. If you have oily lids, make sure to apply an oil control primer before you start your eye makeup. However before priming, ensure that your eye area is well hydrated and supple else eye shadows that can acquire a dry, leathery look after application.

Step 2 : Tightline the eyes with black kohl. Lining the inner rims, particularly the upper waterline makes the lashes look denser and darker.

Step 3 : Apply kohl in a thick line on the upper lash line. Smudge it on the lid as shown using a pencil brush like MAC 219.

Step 4 : Apply silver eye shadow to the inner half of the lid and a dark chocolate brown eye shadow to the outer half.


Kim Kardashian inspired Silver Smokey eye makeup tutorial for Brown eyes
Kim Kardashian inspired Silver Smokey eye makeup tutorial for Brown eyes


Step 5 : Using a fluffy blending brush like MAC 217, blend the silver and brown lightly on the lid and soften the edges in the crease using wind-wiper blending motion. Always use very light pressure while blending.

Step 6 : Add some more brown in the outer crease/corner area. Using the pencil brush, smudge the kohl from the waterline onto the lower lash line.

Step 7 : Now apply some of the brown eye shadow on the lower lash line using a pencil brush. Start from the outer corner so that the intensity of the brown becomes softer when you move inwards.

Step 8 : Make sure all edges are softened – the lower lash line, the crease and the silver in the inner half of the lids. Eliminate any harsh edges in gentle feathery strokes with your blending brush. Line upper lash line thickly with black liner, finish off with Mascara or a pair of false lashes!

Tip : You can add a tiny amount of the silver eye shadow to the inner corner but avoid taking it in till the tear duct else it can be a little overpowering. You can also use a very subtle highlighter on the browbone or just some compact powder to give a neat finished look. Do not forget to fill in your brows!


Kim Kardashian inspired Silver Smokey eye makeup tutorial for Brown eyes
Kim Kardashian inspired Silver Smokey eye makeup tutorial for Brown eyes


[note color=”#FFE4C4″] The beauty of this look is that it has a cool silver and a warm brown so both pink and peach nude lipsticks as well as blushes will go with this look! I would probably go for a warmer nude like L’Oreal Color Riche lipstick in Nature’s blush.

Hope you liked the tutorial! What lip color/blush would you pair with this look? [/note]


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  1. Love it! I’ll try to recreate the look soon (and you have amazing eyes!!! Can I have some of your lashes? LOL)!

    I’m boring when it comes to blush/lipstick so I think I’ll just go neutral/nude. My go-with-everything blushes are Tart Exposed and Chanel Rose Initiale, and lip products include Chanel Troublant and Guerlain Sous le Vent Shine Automatique 🙂

    1. Thanks Sunny! I love using NARS Amour, its one of my absolute favorites and goes with just about everything! I’m dying to get my hands on Tarte blushes, they have some lovely shades!

  2. y dont u gve some tute on concealing dark circles. i have dark trenches n nt just circles. :p . have mac corrector n studio fix concealer n select sheer concealer bt kinda clueless on hw to use them.

    1. I have a tut on concealer but since I do not have a lot of pigmentation, i don’t think I’ll be best person to demonstrate how to use a corrector (and I don’t own the MAC corrector either!). If you like, you can check out this tutorial on how to use stick concealer –


      Will try to do one with Liquid concealer too sometime!

    1. If Silver looks ashy on you, stick to warmer shades – metallics and neutrals like Golds, copper/bronze shades. MAC eye shadows Amberlights, Bronze and Antiqued would suit you. For using as base, MAC paint pot is Groundwork would suit your skin tone. You can also try chocolate browns like L’Oreal Infallible Endless Chocolate. If you want some color, Deep navy blue like MAC Deep Truth, jewel toned greens and purples like L’oreal Infallible Purple obsession, Inglot 446 Pearl would be the best. Avoid light shades, pinks etc. When using color- always go for jewel tones.

      1. thank u soo much. got all infalliable es except endless choc coz i hv tons if browns. as fr the mac pp in groundwork , i tried it the other day n to my shock it looks sooper ashy on me. the makeup artist thr tld me nt to buy it n instead advised me to take eye primer medium dark. its wrking quite well wth me. n wth that in place the silver es also looks nice. to b frank i alwayshd so many makeup products bt just dnt knw hw to use em. n nw wth ur blogs im like wow! im mre makeupequipd… thanx.

  3. The best part about ur tutorials are the step by step pictures…they r jus awesome……if a person is short of time n has no time to read..she can easily see the pics n pull up the look in a jiffy!!! Hats off to u gal!!!! keep rocking! 🙂

  4. Yet again a great tutorial Ankita… I have natural brown eye balls but I’m scared to use silver or any other vibrant colours since I have dark circles 🙁 i jus use endless chocolate that u suggested thats it. I love to wear thick kajal in my waterline but it exposes my d-circles more :(:(:(: but ur pic is really tempting to try this one out….:)

    1. Thanks Preethi 🙂 Please do use a corrector+concealer while doing a smokey eye otherwise it will just enhance your dark circles. Another thing you can do it just use brown kohl on the lower lash line instead of black and concentrate on the upper lash line! Endless chocolate is amazing, you can see mine is already beginning to show a slight dent!

      1. Thanks a ton for your reply Ankita…. Can u suggest a good corrector cum concealer? I use mac studio fix concealer and have no clue about a corrector ! Pls help. Thanks in adv.

        1. oh u cnt have eye circles darker thn mine. im like a queenof dark circles. to conceal em try mac orange corrector n thn concealer or use mac eye primer, they come in shades so it makes it mre personal. also use xo cream to rermovethe dark circles. its a niceproduct. i knw ths question ws nt fr me bt since its about dark circles i thought of replyin coz i have severe dark circles. i use nc 48.5 frdark circles n nc45 for the face so nw u cn imagine hw grave my problem is.

  5. wow… loved your tutorial ankita. i have been following your blog forma few months now and i have tried to apply eyeshadow like the way you do in your tutorials. and it turns out awesome. this tutorial is equally good.

  6. ankita awesome tut.. but I can never carry silver n all … 🙁 I hbut ave light complexion but dunno y makeup never suits me.. very light makeup suits me.. very light..

    1. Its okay 🙂 Natural makeup will always be in vogue! If you ever get a chance to get a makeover at any event, let the makeup artist create a bolder look on you, maybe they are able to find a look that will suit you. Its always nice to get another perspective! I thought I couldn’t carry nude makeup especially on the lips but I got a chance for a makeover at Lancome and was totally amazed by the sun kissed bronzed look the makeup artist created on me with barely any liner, bronzed cheeks and nude lips – its a total opposite of what I do on myself!

  7. I wasn’t too keen on the original look on Kim, but I have to say your version has inspired me to try silvers on my eyes 😉 Quick query: Is the MAC 219 a worthwhile investment and what can it be used for?

    1. I’m glad to hear that 🙂 219 is totally worth it, you can smudge kohl with it, apply eye shadow in small areas like inner corner, lower lash line, crease etc. Its definitely a worthwhile investment! Sometimes when my other brushes are dirty, I use this to apply shadow all over the eyes – it takes a teensy bit longer since its small but its dense so it picks up pigment really well. I love this brush!

    1. If you’re wearing something with silver work then totally otherwise I think golden or gold-pink duochrome is more wedding-y 😛

  8. looking awesome on you……..but is the make up suitable for black eyes?…………i have natuarally black eyes…….m willing to get a chestnut coloured contact lens………..will it be a good choice??????????????? i havent tried coloured lens yet…….do rly

  9. Wow! This look turned out to be amazing and your steps and so good and well written. I could do this look myself. Thank you so much!

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