#ClearlyKiehls Give Back Contest : Win exclusive Gift Hampers from Kiehl’s!


Hey everyone!

Kiehls India recently launched the Clearly Corrective Concentrate (CCC) which promises to give you clearer, brighter skin in a matter of weeks. Here’s a chance for you to win a deluxe sample of the CCC along with Kiehl’s #1 Lip balm (my favorite) and a personalized Skin care consultation at your nearest Kiehl’s store!


#ClearlyKiehls Give Back Contest  : Win exclusive Gift Hampers from Kiehl's!
#ClearlyKiehls Give Back Contest : Win exclusive Gift Hampers from Kiehl's!




All you need to do is fill out the Rafflecopter widgetΒ embedded in this post to enter. There are 3 Premium prizes and 15 Regular Prizes. The contest will run for 3 weeks and I will announce 6 winners each week – 1 for the Premium Prize and 5 for the Regular Prize making a total of 18 winners over 3 weeks.

WEEK 1 Winners have been announced HERE. (updated 31/3/2012)

Since the Kiehl’s Stores are only located in Mumbai and Delhi, this contest is open only the residents of these 2 cities. The prize needs to be redeemed at the Kiehl’s stores.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


The winners will be picked out randomly using the Rafflecopter widget.

For any queries, drop a comment below and I will get back to you asap!

All the best πŸ™‚


p.s : For those not from Mumbai/Delhi, don’t lose heart! You can win Kiehls #1 lip balm by entering myΒ Love your Lips Giveaway HERE.



  1. yay! Entered. πŸ™‚ My fav color this season is definitely yellow. Would love to see more EOTDs with nglot AMC 60 πŸ™‚

  2. yeyeye….i love to do all the girly things like the colour pink, anything wid a little bow or heart in it, make up etc…..proud to be a girl

  3. I have never even tried their stuf before and I’m dying to try it out after all the rave reviews!keeping my fingers crossed! πŸ™‚

  4. hey anks… great giveaway πŸ™‚ have entered it though i stay in pune.. but my parents stay in mumbai and keep coming to mumbai every weekend πŸ™‚ ok na?

  5. i have fallen for this blog…. i m loving it… i would like tell you guys something… i am a nonvegetarian and love to have fish on my plate.. and have realised that it makes my skin glow… really healthy

  6. thnx Anks for such a nice giveaway.. generally i like bright shades but for sm unknwn reason i fall in love with pastels these days..

  7. Hiya all, just thought of sharing 1 of my fav quote on here:
    “The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.” — Henry David Thoreau
    I truly believe that πŸ™‚
    P.S. I love ur blog ❀◕ β€Ώ ◕❀

  8. my favourite color is peach,food:chinese,italian,fav thing to do wen i am free:playing wid my cosmetics n trying new looks…

  9. hmmm….. i like the color red….i believe it symbolises passion…Passion for anything…ur work, family friends…..
    Basically red symbolizes strong emotions, or things of strong emotions rather than intellectual ideas.
    According to Henry Dreyfus, it is popularly felt that red, the color of blood and fire, represents life and vitality.
    N so i love all things red…I have dozens of red lipsticks, lip glosses….all my favs…
    m sure its the fav color of many of u out there

  10. i am loving nude shades n peachy blush this season……
    also floral dresses and minimal make up….. πŸ™‚

  11. I wud like to share my favourite beauty tip: Mix milk, honey, rose water & glycerine in equal proportions. Apply on face and wash with cold water after 15-20 min. Your skin will glow & will become beautiful. Another tip, spread unconditional love without evaluating the pros and cons but rather carelessly loving because that’s what makes you feel blessed and beautiful πŸ™‚

  12. I have been hearing so much about Kiehls and i googled ‘Kiehls India product reviws’ today and landed on your Blog! Its really nice! πŸ™‚ And I have been trying to evaluate Clinique, Clarins and Kiehls products before buying a skincare regime from one of them! But I have been hearing gr8 stuff about Kiehls!! Still confused!

  13. Hi….first of all i thank Ankita for such a wonderful giveaway…
    Seeing a brand like Kiehl’s in India is great….

    A quote i came across yesterday…….like to share it with u….

    “For Attractive lips, speak words of kindness.
    For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people.
    For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry.
    For beautiful hair, let a child run their fingers through it once a day.
    For poise, walk with the knowledge that you never walk alone.”

  14. hii….all i’d like to say is that i love this giveaway coz been waiting for a long time to try kiehls products…..
    So thanks ankita for such a wonderful giveaway !!!!

  15. since the day of its launch i have been dying to buy this bottle…n im drooling over the lip balm..wats harm in winning it!!! i wil love if i get to try the magical ccc if i get a chance πŸ™‚

  16. Hey, great giveaway! For spring-summer, I’m totally into corals and whites. I think they look wonderfull together. Floral prints, polka dots are my staples too πŸ™‚

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