Live chat with MAC Senior Artist Vimi Joshi : Winter lipsticks for Indian skin tones and more!


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Continuining with the Q&A from the Live chat with MAC Senior Artist Vimi Joshi, this is the last of my posts on this series containing all posts related to LIPS. For previous posts on FACE, click HERE, for eye makeup related queries , click HERE.

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Live chat with MAC Senior Artist Vimi Joshi : Winter lipsticks for Indian skin tones and more!
Live chat with MAC Senior Artist Vimi Joshi : Winter lipsticks for Indian skin tones and more!




77. what neutral toned lipstick would you choose for dark-skinned?

VIMI JOSHI : Try using Hug Me or Touch lipsticks to get started. Wish you all the best!


78.  i use very light colours lipstick, can u suggest good colour, i m fair 

VIMI JOSHI : A good light colour lipstick for a fair skintone is Mocha


79. I would like to wear a nice bright lipstick this holidays, but I dont know which shade looks good on me… (I usually only wear a lipgloss) Im Latin, Im NC35, black hair, brown eyes.

VIMI JOSHI : You have to try MAC’s Girl About Town lipstick! It will look beautiful on your skintone.


80. 3 daytime lipsticks i can purchase for ( med olive color skin) hair..honey eyes

VIMI JOSHI : Verve, Hug Me and Kinda Sexy are fantastic shades


 81. What is your favorite pink lipstick for everyday?

VIMI JOSHI : My favorite pink lipstick for everyday is Pink Plaid.


82. Hi Vimi! Which shade of lipstick do you recommend for pale blonde w/ green eyes, I’m NW20? Tnx!

 VIMI JOSHI : I would recommend using MAC’s Spice Lip pencil all over the lips with MAC’s lutreglass in Love Nectar to finish.


83. Hi Vimi how r u ? I wanna know what’s ur favorite mac lipstick and eyeshadow?

VIMI JOSHI : M.A.C DUbbonet lipstick is my favourite lipstick and Amber Lights is my favourite eyeshadow


84. As an African American women, how should I wear the Black Knight lipstick?

VIMI JOSHI : You can try mixing it with another colour such as a deep red to lighten and brighten it, it will look great with your skintone.


85. How do I make my lips look thicker?

VIMI JOSHI : Using a lip liner, draw on the outer area of your lips to create the illusion of a bigger lip, yet still keeping it natural. You can also try using brighter colours.


86. Hello I am an African American femal. I am on NW45. What are the must have winter eyeshadow colors, lip gloss colors and blush colors for winter 2012? Thanks

VIMI JOSHI : You have to check out our Glitter and Ice collection. They have great colours for your skin tone and also amazing looks for the holiday and the new year


87.  Hi vim, day time lipstick for olive skin color ( italian) ty 🙂

VIMI JOSHI : Lip Pencil in Spice and Lipstick in Meltown will give you a beautiful peachy daytime look.


88. i dnt like to use concealers or foundations on lips to encounter pigmented lip prior to using lipstick.can u suggest an alternative to using concealers .thanks

VIMI JOSHI :  First try using Prep and Prime Lip, then line your lips with Plum Lip pencil, followed by Lust Lipglass on the centre of your lips. This will work well to create a 3-d lip and works great on pigmented lips too.


89. Whats the best way to wear Viva Glam Gaga 2 lipstick for an NC 30 Skin tone?

 VIMI JOSHI : Love that colour! Try using it with Whirl lip pencil and Viva Glam 5 gloss


90. what are the must have lip colors for winter?

VIMI JOSHI : Try our Prolongwear lipglasses. We have some great colours for winter. Reds, Plums and Burgundy’s work great for winter


91. HI vimi what is the best natural pink lipstick shade for fair reddish skin..??

VIMI JOSHI  : Whirl lip pencil with Cosmo lipstick will look great


92. hie Vimi 😀 … first of all , it is always inspiring to hear you , I wanted to ask your reccos for best Red and Plum/Berry shades for Fall/Winter from permanet range . Thank you so much once again

VIMI JOSHI : For winter use Burgundy Lip pencil with Dubonnet Lipstick or Plum Lip Pencil with Captive Lipstick.


93. What Color Make up you think is wright for me i been to some many store and no one seen to help me ..can you give me a Idea…Thank you,

VIMI JOSHI : Browns and blues would look great on you. try using (for browns) Folie Eyeshadow with Spice Lip pencil and Entice lip glass. For Blues, Use Auto De Blue eye pencil with Contrast Eyeshadow. Will look great on you. Use a pink blush to complete this look!


94. Hey Vimi! What is your favorite backstage experience since you have been working for MAC?

VIMI JOSHI : The iifa Awards which are the Bollywood Oscars are always very colouful and creative backstage. We have an International team of MAC Artists and normally do around 300 make up’s on the day of the awards show.


95. What are your 5 can’t-live-without products?

VIMI JOSHI : Auto De Blue Technokohl Zoom Fast Black Lash Mascara Amber Lights Small Eyeshadow Burgundy Lip Pencil Russian Red Lipstick


96. Do you have any tips for a nice Plum-colored lip?

VIMI JOSHI : To create a beautiful 3 Dimensional Plum lip, You can line the outline of your lips and the inner corners of your mouth using MAC Plum Lip Pencil and then in the center of the mouth apply MAC Lust Lip Glass. Please look for an upcoming video I did about this very tip on




There are some awesome lip color suggestions here, I’m looking forward to trying out Russian Red and Dubonnet!

Hope you enjoyed reading 🙂


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  1. I fell in love with dubonnet as well… i need to make a trip to bangalore or chennai asap. i still havent picked up chambor 616, it was out of stock! She offered to call me and let me know…but this month am splurging on my daughter’s 10th birthday! Could do without the temptation!

        1. You could try MAC Amorous, it didn’t suit me much but its a nice shade! I also like Inglot freedom system lipstick no. 86 a lot.

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