Live chat with MAC Senior Artist Vimi Joshi : Eye shadows for Indian skin tone and more!


Hey everyone!

As some of you might know, MAC has this amazing feature on Facebook where they schedule a live chat with their Favorite Make-up Artists. Last night, I had a chance to participate in the Live chat with MAC Senior Artist Vimi Joshi! It was a madhouse with fans asking questions left right and centre and I was lucky enough to get 2 of my questions answered!


Live chat with MAC Senior Artist Vimi Joshi : Eye  shadowsfor Indian skin tone and more!
Live chat with MAC Senior Artist Vimi Joshi : Eye shadowsfor Indian skin tone and more!




Apart from my own questions, I made a record of all the questions answered my Vimi Joshi yesterday. Yes, it was a lot of copy pasting and documentation on my part but I got to learn so much! I’m sharing these Q&A with all of you in 3 parts since a single post may become too long otherwise : EYES, FACE and LIPS. View post on FACE HERE.

This section covers all the questions answered by Vimi Joshi regarding EYES. The post has great tips and tricks for smokey eyes, shades for brown eyes, concealer and eye makeup in general. Enjoy! 🙂


The first question was mine 🙂


1. Hi Vimi! Which are your favorite eye shadows for Indian skin tones?

 VIMI JOSHI : Amber Lights, Sketch, Carbon, Rule, and Contrast. These colours look great on Indian skin tones!


2. Good afternoon from Spain everybody! Hi Vimi, My eyelids are drooping and I findit difficult to make up them, which kind of shadows do you recommend me? When I use bright colors they look inflated and dark colors make me older. brown eyed, olive skin

 VIMI JOSHI : Try using neutral, matte brown shades such as Swiss Chocolate on the outer corner of your eyes. You can also try and enhance your lower lash line by creating a more smokey finish as this will draw attention to your lower lash line.


3. which of your metal x eyeshadows would suit fair asian indian skin?

VIMI JOSHI : Fusion Gold is great for Indian skintones.


4 : I need a good concealer that does not crease. i do not have wrinkles but it tends to settle in my fine lines….should i powder to set my concealer?

VIMI JOSHI: Studio Moisture Cover concealer is great, you should use a powder such Prep


5. My sister has super oily skin and can’t get liner to stay on. She’s tried all kinds and even uses eyeshadow over the top to set it. Any suggestions?

 VIMI JOSHI : Try the Prep and Prime eye as a base and lightly set with the Prep and Prime Transparent finishing powder.


6. Hii vimi, I wear makeup everyday and now when i take my makeup off my eyes get red I dont know why, I always use the same makeup its all MAC btw

 VIMI JOSHI : Make sure to use a gentle eye makeup remover such as Gently Off Eye


 7. My prom is on Wednesday, and I can`t wait! I`m wearing a black, short dress with silver on it and black shoes. What kind of eyeshadow should I use?

VIMI JOSHI : You have to go for a killer smokey eyes look and i would add some lashes for extra glamour. Have a great evening!


8. does purple eyeshawdow work well on brown skin

VIMI JOSHI : Purple eyeshadows works great on brown skin and eyes as it brings out the gold in them making the eyes appear lighter.


9. I’m an albino and what shade of foundation and concealer is right for me? I want some color to my eyebrows because they’re white, what can I do?

VIMI JOSHI : Try using Blonde Brow Pencil as this will add some deifinition to your face. Thank you for your question


 10. hi! what is the best MAC product for reducing puffiness under the eyes?

VIMI JOSHI : It has to be Fast Response Eye Cream it contains caffeine which is great to reduce puffiness under the eyes.


 11. What eyeshadow colors do you recommend for a smokey look for someone with blue eyes & doesn’t like the ‘natural’ look 🙂 thx!

VIMI JOSHI : You have to try Print or Humid eye shadow this way you can create a grey or green smokey eye which will make a statement and look great with your eye colour!


12. hey vimi, whazzup? im sure you are super cool and great 🙂 just wanted to know how to cover up dark circles for those who have a veryyyyy fair complexion? please do suggest the concealer one can use! cheers

VIMI JOSHI : Try using an orange corrector to neutralize the blue underneath the eyes. Then an NW based concealer to cover the circles. Wish you the best with it!


13.  Hi,Nimi.As people age, some of them will have folded and wrinkled eyelids. What are some tricks applying makeup on matured eyes?

VIMI JOSHI : Try using Fast Response Eye Cream as this will reduce the apperance of fine lines and also use cream based product and gently apply a little powder of them to set.


14.  What is the best concealer for undereyes that will not settle in fine lines, and is not very drying?

VIMI JOSHI : Studio Moisture Cover is a great concealer which is not drying and will moisturize your under eyes, you should also try using MAC’s Fast Response Eye cream before your concealer.


 15. hi vimi, i was wondering what are the best eyeshadows to make dark brown eyes “pop” ?

VIMI JOSHI : You’re very lucky – with brown eyes you can wear all the colours. Try using blues and greens to bring them out more and appear for them to look lighter.


 16. hi vimi… can u give a eye make-up tip for small eyes to look bigger..

VIMI JOSHI : You can try doing smokey eye as this will increase the boundary of your eyes and make them appear bigger.


 17. Hi Vimi, Can you recommend a liner brush for applying winged liner with fluidline for a thin line?

 VIMI JOSHI : Try using M.A.C 266 brush. this is great for lining and defining the eyes.


 18. a good kajal oder eyeliner for the waterline which lasts for a longer time plzz

VIMI JOSHI : Try using Graphblack Technakohl pencil as it lasts longer. Follow this with blending Prep and Prime Transparent finishing powder around the eyes to help set it


19. Hi Vimi what is your best advise for the best smokey eye

 VIMI JOSHI : For the ultimate smokey eye line your eyes using MAC’s smolder Eye Kohl on the lower and upper lash line and blend using the 219 pencil brush and then set with MAC’s eye shadow in carbon or print.


20. Hi! I have such dark eyebrows and I want the “nude” eyebrow look w/o bleach. How can I achieve this?

VIMI JOSHI : Try putting a concealer that matches your skin tone through your eyebrows. this will lighten it without making it look unnatural. ALso ensure that you brush them through properly.


 21. hi vim,hira here can you pls suggest me nay product for sensitive skin because whenever i apply base and concelear its gonna hurt me and my eyes are gonna red ..

VIMI JOSHI : Try using M.A.C’s Comfort Creme moisturizer as it is great for sensitive skin. Then also try Prep and Prime Skin



VIMI JOSHI : To hide dark circles I use orange corrector first to neutralize the dark circles then I use Studio Moisture Cover concealer


23. Vimi…what is the ULTIMATE way to conceal those east indian dark circles?

VIMI JOSHI : Try using orange correct to neutralize the dark cirlces first then use Studio Moisture Cover concealer in NW. Good Luck!


24. being new to using bright colors on my eyes. an having dark brown eyes where you think i should begin not to make it look like too much but still viberant an bright!? i also use black eyeliner to do my eyes . is liquid better then pencil ?

VIMI JOSHI: If you are starting out with bright colour try only using a small amount of a colour like MAC’s Electric Eel eyeshadow to create a smokey finish under your eyes. Pencil and liquid are both good to use you on your eyes i would go with whichever you prefer to use!


 25. what color fits best to bluish green eyes? thanks 🙂

VIMI JOSHI: Try using MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in dark, as the reddish undertone will work beautifully with your green eyes.


 26. What are your favourite products from the Glitter & Ice collection?

 VIMI JOSHI : The’ Practice makes perfect’ Technakohl Liner pencil, This Navy eye pencil adds a splash of colour to the festive make up. You can also use ‘For Effect’ Paint Pot as base for the Mineralize eye shadows. This will keep you make up lasting longer.



There are some things that come up again and again like the Fast Response eye cream, Orange tone corrector, Prep and Prime powder and eye shadows like Print, Amberlights, SketchHumid etc which are clearly Vimi J’s favorites. My Mum uses the Fast Response eye cream and its really great , reduces puffiness and under eye bags in seconds! I already own Amberlights and Sketch and they both are great shades! I am definitely checking out the other eye shadow shades next time I’m at MAC.

Q&A on FACE and LIPS coming up by evening!


Hope you all enjoyed reading!  🙂 


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  1. Thanks Ankita 🙂 That was real sweet to complile 🙂
    I have a q: My mum is above 55 and has puffy eyes.. do u think the Fast Response Eye Cream will help her?

  2. Thanks so much for this Ankita! have saved the link :). I have seen Sketch and its such a pretty shade. Vimi always suggests a handful of products which are highly effective.

    1. You’re welcome! I really liked her recommendations too. Can’t wait to try out some of the products she’s suggested in the lip and face range!

  3. Thanks Ankita, its great that you shared this with us!
    Can anyone here tell me what type of paper is used for mac face charts? I bought super smooth sketh paper but the colours are not showing us they way they bwould on my eyes 🙁

  4. I love this post.I completely adore amber lights, sketch and Humid is of course an all time favorite. Need to check out rule and contrast as well. Vimi is really amazing…

    1. Thanks Parul! Rule is an orange toned shadow, a little difficult to pull off but pretty nonetheless! Somehow I find Humid a bit lacking in pigmentation but love Amberlights and Sketch!

      1. Yup saw the online swatches of rule. Me being a novice would have absolutely no idea what to do with it. Humid without an eyeshadow base can be a little dull however I love Humid on my groundwork. The color really pops….

  5. Awesome compilatuon but ankita I had seen you also had asked which blush suit indian skin tones, she had replied that, you didnt add it here? That would be useful!

  6. Awesome compilation Ankita and thanks a ton..I know it must have been painful to do copy and paste but its truly a great compilation and very helpful! I have orange based concealer from kryolan and I use it same happy!

        1. Fix+ is multi purpose. You use it as a face mist if you face feels dry, its moisturizing and refreshing. You can use it moisten your face before foundation so that it glides more easily. You can use it as a finishing spray once your makeup is done, it takes away the powdery look and gives a slight dewy shine.

          1. OK thanks actually I faced the issue of flakiness on my cheeks after I did my make up.. That time there was no time then I applied a thick moisturizer with a brush until it blended into my skin…

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