Live chat with MAC Senior Artist Vimi Joshi : Blushes for Indian skin tone and more!


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Continuing from the previous post on Live chat with MAC Senior Artist Vimi Joshi. This post contains all the queries related to skin and face makeup answered my Vimi Joshi during the Live Chat Tuesday night on Facebook.

The first question is mine and the rest are asked by other fans across the world. Enjoy! ūüôā


Live chat with MAC Senior Artist Vimi Joshi : Blushes for Indian skin tone and more!

Live chat with MAC Senior Artist Vimi Joshi : Blushes for Indian skin tone and more!




Questions 1-26 on eye makeup HERE. **This is a long post**


27. Hi Vimi, this is Ankita from Mumbai. Could you please suggest a few MUST-HAVE blushes for Indian skin tones. I’m NC 40 for your reference. Thanks!

VIMI JOSHI : My must have blushes for Indian skintones are Gingerly, Coppertone and Format.


28. Hi Vimi!! you’re amazing!!! My question is about highlighting and contouring. What’s your fav products for an NC 30 skin tone?? Going for a Kim Kardashian look ūüôā

 VIMI JOSHI : Try using mineralize skinfinish dark to contour your cheekbones, temples and jawline and to highlight mineralize skinfinish light down the center of the face as a highlight.


29. What foundation do you recommend for Indian brides?

VIMI JOSHI : For Indian Brides, try using Studio Fix Fluid that matches your skin tone as it gives a matte and even finish on photos


30. What shades of blush do you think African-Americans should use?? I have light to dark tone.

VIMI JOSHI : MAC Coppertone blush is perfect for darker skintones and try blush in Pink Swoon on the apples of the cheeks.


31. Hi! Hope you are having a blessed day going so far! ūüôā what would you recommend to achieve dewy skin?

VIMI JOSHI : To achieve dewy skin make sure to hydrate your skin before applying foundation use MAC Fix and studio Moisture Cream then use Mineralize Compact Foundation.


32. How do you get rid of dark spots caused from sun damaged skin?

VIMI JOSHI : Try using a concealer that has NC undertones as this will lighten your dark spots. Then use your normal foundation along with this. Good luck!


33. hi, love your work.. i want to do red lip and would like a guidance as how my eye make up should be..i’m wearing a black dress..and the shade of blush

 VIMI JOSHI : Try doing a deep grey smokey eye look to complement your red lip and black dress. Try using Angel blush.


34.  i need some products to work on dark skin tones, asian skin etc. currently i have only worked on caucasian skin.

 VIMI JOSHI : For dark skintones I would recommend deeper shades of foundations, eye shadows and lip colours as these really compliment the skin. For Asian skintones I would recommend brighter colours as this compliments the golds in their skintone.


35. Whats your favorite contour technique?

VIMI JOSHI : My favourite contour technique is to contour the cheekbones, jawline and temple in studio moisture cover concealer two shades darker than your skintone with the 168 brush as this gives you a multi-dimensional look.


36. Hey! What are your make up bag must haves for a holiday in the sun! x

VIMI JOSHI : M.A.C Fix with Studio Moisture Cream to keep your skin hydrated. Also Studio Tint will give you that beautiful coverage with protection!


37. when did you decided to become a Make Up Artist? Sorry for my english, I come from Germany ūüôā

VIMI JOSHI : No worries! I decided to become a make-up Artist in 1995 in the UK. It was my dream!


38. can you recommend some must have brushes?

VIMI JOSHI : My 5 must have brushes are the 168 brush for countouring, the 266 brush for eyebrows and lining, the 239 brush for eye shadow application and finally the 188 brush for buffing in your foundation and the 217 blending brush!


39. ¬†Hi Vimi!! I already use mac’s studio fix fluid and the studio fix plus powder but it seems to make my face oily…what can i use for full coverage but the outcome is a matte finish?

 VIMI JOSHI : Have you tried our Oil Control lotion? as this will help mattify the skin.


40. Make Up For Indian Brides…Wearing Red Benarasi Saree

 VIMI JOSHI : On your wedding day you should keep the make-up classic, glamorous and timeless. Try using Amber Lights and Sketch eyeshadow on your eyes and Burgundy Lip pencil with Dubonnet lipstick. Good luck!


41. have fair asian skion and have been told by a mac artist thzat i need NC40, but anotyer artist says nc40 is too dark for me, what do i do??? help….

VIMI JOSHI : Try using NC41 Studio Fix Fluid. It was specifically made for Indian and Middle Eastern skin tones and this shade works beautifully on paler skin tones.


42. ¬†What bronzer is your favorite? Im really pale and cant seem to find the “perfect” one.

VIMI JOSHI :¬†My favorite bronzer is MAC’s bronzing powder in Matte Bronze it beautifully on pale skintones.


43. Hi, This is Aarti here, my complexion is fair, black eyes, blackish brown hair colour, i want to know which colour blushon shud i use for daily wear

 VIMI JOSHI : Try using Sunbasque Sheertone blush


44. hi, its anika, having medium tone. asian skin tone. when i put make up, it looks whitish, how can i keep it like my skin colour or bronze look?

VIMI JOSHI : Try find our what undertone your skin is and then match the foundation to your chest as the chest is always darker than your face, once you have the perfect foundation shade it should create a flawless skin.


45. I am A Mac Artist at MAC I love it want to become a phenomenal Artist are there any tips that you could give me to expand my creativity ūüôā

VIMI JOSHI : Absolutely! Looking at high fashion, editorial magazines and searching through the internet and looking for historical referenes that you could modernize really helps push those boundaries!


46. Hiya ūüôā I’d like to know what’s your favourite foundation. xxx

VIMI JOSHI :¬†My favorite foundation is MAC’s Studio Sculpt Foundation, a little goes a long way and your skin looks beautiful and flawless with it!


47. Hi Vimi — i really like mac studiotech foundation, however even though i was given NC40, i still think it’s more pinkish than a yellowish tone

VIMI JOSHI : Have you tried NC42? The undertone in the slightly darker shade may work better for you.


48. What is the latest trend in bridal makeup?

VIMI JOSHI : The latest trend in bridal makeup is glamorous bollywood inspired eyes with a rich creamy red lip.


49. Hi Vimi. What advice would you give someone who is just starting to be a makeup artist?

VIMI JOSHI : I advise that you assist an established make-up artist for a while and gain as much experience possible. This will help build your confidence.


50.  Hy, i have very problematic skin. Which foundation is best for me, considering that i need it to cover imperfections, and that it is not too heavy.

VIMI JOSHI : Try one of our Mineralize foundation ranges. It has 77 minerals that help treat the skin over time.


51.  How can i make a winter makeup?

VIMI JOSHI : Try using warmer neutral colours in browns.


52. What do I need to put on my face before putting on make up?

VIMI JOSHI : Primers are fantastic to prep the skin before make-up. Try our Prep and Prime range for different areas of your face. This will also help keep your make-up on longer.


53. I love that 60’s and 70’s look—the cat eyes and pore-less, matte face. What’s the best way to achieve that?

VIMI JOSHI :¬†To achieve this look use the 266 angle brush to draw the 60’s or 70’s eye liner which is the focus of the look and you can also use bright shadows like Sushi flower, Electric Eel and Bitter for a modern twist. For the pore-les matte skin, use oil control lotion before foundation then Prep


54. any tips for holiday makeup

VIMI JOSHI : Smokey eyes and red lips are always great for the holidays.


55. Where is the correct place to apply blush? Many artist say NOT the apples of the cheeks

VIMI JOSHI : Apply blush on your cheekbones and take it up towards your temples. You can blush on the apples of the cheeks as a pop, you can also try using a highlighter ontop of your cheekbones.

56. Hello!! I whant to know what is the best foundation for look natural in pictures. Thanks!!

VIMI JOSHI :¬†Do try M.A.C’s new Matchmaster foundation as it looks great on pictures. Wish you the best with it!

57. what is ur skin care routine ?

VIMI JOSHI :¬†M.A.C’s Fix , Studio Moisture cream and Prep and Prime Skinfinish – its my daily routine for healthy skin.


58. hi powder versus creme countouring?? which one do you prefer?

 VIMI JOSHI : Powders give a matte finish and creams give a dewy finish. You can use both РI like to use the matte as a contour and cream texture as a highlight.


59. hi i want a foundation for a light face..What do you recommend me????

VIMI JOSHI : I would recommend our Mineralize Compact foundation. With 77 minerals it will condition and nourish your skin over time.


60. My skin tone is olive – I was born in India. I don’t have the typical skin tone with my mixed ethnicity – Indian & British and the girls at the counter have a hard time matching a shade to my complexion – what do you recommend for my skin tone? Mix

VIMI JOSHI : Try using a foundation with an NW undertone


61. what can i use for large pores as an underbase ? can i skip moisturiser n go direct to strobe followed by primer ?n wat type of primer shd i use if skin is dry or oily ?

VIMI JOSHI : It is very important for you to hydrate your skin as this will help minimize pores. Try Prep and Prime Skin Refined Zone as it helps reduce the appearance of open pores. Also go for more matte textures as this will help create the illusion of minimizing your pores.


62. hi vimi my question is about foundation when i apply base i got flaky skin at my chin and forehead area.which foundation and primer is best for me?

VIMI JOSHI :¬†Start by using a good moisturizer to hydrate your skin such as MAC’s Studio Moisture Cream then use Prep


63. Since MAC does not have designated contour powders per se. What produc/color would you recommend for contouring for Olive Indian complexion? Thanks Vimi

VIMI JOSHI : M.A.C Mineralize Skinfinsh are perfect for contouring. try using dark to contour and light to highlight.


 64. currently wear NC 40, which makes me look lightly grey, because I have deep olive skin. And clearly the NW shades are too pink. Any advice how I can lessen the greyish tinge? Thanks Vimi

VIMI JOSHI : Have you tried Studio Fix NC43.5? It was developed specially for Indian skin tones and has a more peach undertone that will neutralize the grey.


65. I am a beginner makeup artist. What advice do you have in starting a small freelance business? What are the most important things to invest in? Any other advice?

VIMI JOSHI : Invest in a good set of products and brushes. And also be sure to create a strong network with both customers and also other professionals in the industry. I wish you all the best in your career.


66. Hi, What foundation do you recommend for wheatish skin. I use NC44 and 45 combo but find it to be too dark.

VIMI JOSHI : Try using Studio Fix Fluid in NC44.5 this was created for Indian/Middle Eastern skintones.


67. i have real sensitive skin is there anything particular i can use?

VIMI JOSHI : Try using our Comfort Creme Рthis water-based moisturizer will help hydrate your skin while also gentle for sensitive skin


68. hello I have oily skin with typical type of acne like redness, irritation. can you please suggest? can i wear makeup? what should i do for clear skin?

VIMI JOSHI : A good skincare regime is essential as this will help improve your skin overtime. You can use makeup however make sure to use a good base spray Fix first then use Oil Control lotion.


69. ¬†my skin is oily…….guide me about foundation

VIMI JOSHI : Studio Fix Fluid as this will give you a matte coverage that is great for covering oily skin


70. Vimi, I want to know what is your inspiration? What do you do when you want to be inspired?

VIMI JOSHI : Lots of things inspire me – nature, architecture, art, fashion eras…Life in general!


71. any makeup no-nos for women with large pores?

VIMI JOSHI : Avoid frosted textures as this will accentuate your pores.


72. I have vitiligo and I use full coverage NW50 on my spots and full coverage NW45 on my face. I would like to switch to using a powder instead while using only the NW50 to conceal my spots. Do you have any recommendations or suggestions?

 VIMI JOSHI : Try using Studio Fix Powder and ensure that match the colour perfectly to your skintone, its a great idea to conceal first and then use the powder on top.


73. i have fair skin and darkbrown hair, would plumy blushes fit to me??

VIMI JOSHI : I would recommend a peachy blush as this will compliment your skin and hair such as Peachykeen Blush.


74. How do I make my face appear thinner??

VIMI JOSHI : Try contour your cheekbones, temples and jawline in Mineralize skinfinish two shades darker than your natural skintone.


75. I wear my makeup just about everyday….is this bad for your skin?

VIMI JOSHI :¬†Not at all – make-up in fact protects your skin from the day’s daily environment.


76. hi for day wear what is the best foundation I can have

VIMI JOSHI : Try using Mineralize compact foundation as it conditions and nourishes the skin with 77 minerals.



Hope you all enjoyed reading! After going through this I’m really keen on trying out the Mineralize range as I have somewhat problematic skin too. Also want to check out¬†blushes Gingerly, Coppertone¬†and¬†Format!¬†I have had the MUA use Oil control lotion on me and it really does mattify! ¬†Wouldn’t need it in the winters but worth checking out for the summers. ¬†Already using¬†Studio Fix fluid foundation and really like it for the matte finish and full coverage! I loved Vimi Joshi’s style of contouring – using a darker shade of concealer for sculpting! I have tried this trick and it really does give a very natural look though it needs a bit of blending.

Last section on LIPS coming up soon!


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  1. December 7, 2011 / 9:53 am

    Coppertone is beautiful..Love the peachy brown color and the matt finish. I love gingerly too. Never checked format or pink swoon..Ok now will sit n make my list.. Thanx Ankita….This is amazing

    • Corallista
      December 7, 2011 / 3:30 pm

      I’m definitely checking out Coppertone now! You’re welcome Parul ūüôā

  2. December 7, 2011 / 10:54 am

    I def would love to try Studio Fix fluid as it seems Vimi’s favorite for oily skin na..also for summer oil control lotion to mattify the skin! i think even B&D has one mattifying lotion ūüôā once again you have outdone yourself Ankita..a fab compilation and I am surely bookmarking all these pages for future reference!

    • Corallista
      December 7, 2011 / 3:32 pm

      Definitely give Studio fix a try Parita, I will review mine soon, been thinking of reviewing it since ages ! You’re welcome ūüôā Glad you found it useful!

  3. Shivangi
    December 7, 2011 / 3:39 pm

    Thanks so much for this Ankita! ur a star

    • Corallista
      December 7, 2011 / 7:21 pm

      You’re welcome Shivangi ūüôā

  4. Joo
    September 18, 2014 / 7:59 am

    Very informative

  5. Pooja
    January 29, 2015 / 4:34 pm

    Hi Anita,
    Please suggest me a makeup primer for my fair acne prone screen

  6. Krutika
    May 24, 2015 / 12:06 am

    Hi Vimi,

    Could you please suggest concealer shade for NC40? Mac counter lady suggested me NC42 in studio fix but as per my knowledge concealer should always be a shade or two lighter. So I am confused now. Please help !


    • May 24, 2015 / 9:01 am

      Concealer should match your under eye. Doesn't have to be lighter or darker. I also wear NC42. Lighter shades can look ashy and grayish.

  7. Pooja K
    April 19, 2016 / 10:01 am

    Hi ,

    I have normal fair indian skin tone. I do not like foundation but want flawless glowing look on face so want to know if MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation would be best for that ?
    if yes then which shade do you suggest and can we apply this just after the normal daily face cream ?

  8. Huma
    January 8, 2018 / 3:42 pm

    Hello ankita… Pls suggest me a best foundation shade for my indian medium skintone.. Is NC40 look good?

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