Bharat & Dorris and Inglot Mini Haul : Photos, Swatches and Crackle nail enamel NOTD


Hi everyone!

Yesterday I finally got my hands on one thing I’d wanted since a long long time- Inglot Duraline! My dried up Maybelline Gel liner was so in need of this! Apart from Duraline, also picked up an eyeshadow and lipstick pan from Inglot. Also picked up a mini lipgloss and an eye shadow refill pan from Bharat & Dorris, a new brand that has opened a few exclusive stores in Mumbai, Pune and Delhi so far. The products are really reasonably priced and the best thing is that they offer mini lip glosses and lipsticks priced at Rs 150 each as well as refill eye shadow pans for Rs 250. The shade selection is quite good and the  product range also has makeup brushes.

Here’s my mini haul :





Love the cute pink Inglot bag! The Inglot store is one of the best organized makeup stores I’ve seen so far. Everything was arranged according to color and in a really neat and attractive way. I had a hard time getting out of the store!


Bharat & Dorris and Inglot Mini Haul : Photos and Swatches
Bharat & Dorris and Inglot Mini Haul : Photos and Swatches


Bharat & Dorris and Inglot Mini Haul : Photos and Swatches
Bharat & Dorris and Inglot Mini Haul : Photos and Swatches


 Inglot Duraline  : Rs 490


Bharat & Dorris mini lip gloss no. 10 (Rs 150)

Peachy coral sheer/medium gloss with lots of shimmer


Bharat & Dorris and Inglot Mini Haul : Photos and Swatches
Bharat & Dorris and Inglot Mini Haul : Photos and Swatches


Inglot freedom system lip stick no. 61  (Rs 250 for refill pan)

Earthy rose mauve shade




Bharat & Dorris gloss 10, Inglot-freedom-system-lip-color-no.-61
Bharat & Dorris gloss 10, Inglot-freedom-system-lip-color-no.-61


Inglot Pearl eye shadow no. 423 (Rs 300 for refill pan)

Plummy Taupe shade


Bharat & Dorris and Inglot Mini Haul : Photos and Swatches
Bharat & Dorris and Inglot Mini Haul : Photos and Swatches


Bharat & Dorris eye shadow no. 34 (Rs 250 for refill pan)

Bluish Gunmetal with frost finish




 Inglot Pearl 423 eye shadow, Bharat-Dorris-eye-shadow-no.-34 swatches
Inglot Pearl 423 eye shadow, Bharat-Dorris-eye-shadow-no.-34 swatches


Also tried out the Inglot shatter nail paint in Blue and Black and Colorbar black shatter/crackle nail paint. Really liked them especially the Inglot one but didn’t purchase any. Surprisingly, the Inglot one was cheaper though by a small margin (Inglot -Rs 480, Colorbar – Rs 499). The Colorbar exclusive store is right opposite the Inglot store at Infiniti 2 and I couldn’t resist taking a peek!






I’m really excited to try out all the products. I already tried the Bharat & Dorris lip gloss and even though I’m not a fan of shimmer, I find it quite nice. Will be reviewing everything soon!

Which product would you like me to review first?


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  1. what is colorbar doing with their prices! i too want to haul B&D. have a list in my mind but no stores here in delhi so i guess i’ have to order online.

    1. I know! I went into the Colorbar store with such high hopes and the np turned out more expensive than the Inglot one! I think there is a B&D at Delhi. I’ve seen a review on Mehak’s blog (P&B)

    1. I loved their pricing! The eyshadow shade selection was really good too. Will have a look at the brushes next time I visit the store! Anything else you recommend?

  2. Wow B&D eyeshadow..Have been waiting for someone to review them since a long time. I have the cream eyeliner from B&D and its real nice. Its sad that they have stores in Pune and Mumbai only. I wish Inglot was available in Pune. I need that duraline and the eyeshadows seem super amazing.

    1. I’ll be reviewing it soon Parul. The eye shadow is really smooth and soft in texture, hoping that it will stay on without creasing too. You can buy Inglot products from They have a good service and also have 30% off sale every few months!

  3. I guess my comment is lost somewhere…If you have oily T-zone, go for their T-zone mattifier. I have heard a lot about their products.Even Femina went Gaga over them in one of their editions. They are said to be MAC’s competitors, which obviously is an over statement! but we shall try out their stuff more. watsay?

    1. That sounds good but Mattifier won’t be very useful to me in the winters. Will definitely try it when the cold season is over. I really liked their store too, was quite surprized with the price tags, had expected higher! Will definitely be trying more stuff, if you haul anything you really like, do update me, I’ll check it out too!

  4. Hey what do you suggest for NYX cream blushes? They are on 20% sale on Urbantouch . Any recommendations for NC 42, they have tea rose, golden,tan and Diva.

    1. I’d suggest Glow – its a very pretty pink, bright but not too bright. For a more natural look go for Rose Petal or Natural for a natural look. Diva is a deeper Mulberry and I feel it may not be the easiest to carry especially when compared to shades like Rose Petal or Natural. Golden seems to light in shade and also has shimmer so wouldn’t recommend that- may be as a highlighter but not as blush!

  5. Hey, I heard that you can’t buy inglot eyeshadow refills (in the store) without buying their empty palettes. It is true? I really want to get some neutrals but don’t want to spend on their empty palettes.

    1. Yes, even a friend of mine had a jhagda on this. the SA dint even give her the shadows, when she said she had the palette at home. It was awkward!

      1. Yes, even I heard you had to either buy a palette or take an existing palette when you buy e/s. The palettes are even more expensive for the square pans..because the quantity is more than in the round one.
        I want to buy the square ones online and make my own palette but not sure about the colours…:)

      2. Hey Shivangi, at which store did your friend have this experience? Its really wrong, they can definitely sell the refill pans alone, why else do they stock it?! Sometimes SAs can be quite a pain!

        I had quite a good experience at the Malad store yesterday, the SA was quite sweet and helpful.

    2. Hi Manu, I did not have any such problem at the Infiniti 2, Malad store yesterday. I told the SA I only wanted refill pans and she gave them to me, no issues at all!

  6. Awesome haul Ankita!! I had visited B&D store few times earlier in infiniti..i so agree with u whenever i go to infifnit2 i m like lost as we have Faces/Colorbar/B&D and TBS all in 2 floors..its amazing 🙂 i have B&D stippling brush and its quite decent..though cant compare to any high end brushes as this one is my first stippling brush and it does decent job for foundations! I too am eyeing their eyeshadows as they are really nicely pigmented! i have its lip gloss too…its a gorgeous nude shade but i have the big version and not the i wanna try out their lipsticks and brush holder pouch 🙂

    1. Thanks Parita! Infiniti 2 is really awesome. I was quite impressed by the Faces store, they have a huge bath and body range there – almost like a smaller version of TBS! Shower gels, body lotions, body mists, foot soak, foot cream, hand cream- they had it all and in really nice fragrances too. I’ll check the B&D brushes next time I visit there. I loved the soft texture of the eye shadows too. Do share the shade no. of the lip gloss you have, it is glossy finish or shimmery?

  7. do a review on the B&D e/s soon…..i ordered one of their blush brushes online a few days ago but they have’nt even dispatched it yet n they r not even replying to my mails…

    1. Thats too bad! I think I’ll stick to the conventional shopping with this one then, online shopping can be so frustrating sometimes! I hope one of or starts stocking B&D!

    1. Inglot eye shadow refill pans are amazingly priced for the their quality Ishita. The same would cost a little more if taken in the proper packaging.

    1. I’ve been unable to use my Maybelline gel liner since its dried, finally I can save it with Duraline! I liked the lipgloss packaging too 🙂 The mini lipsticks also look really cute!

  8. ohh wow. nice haul Ankita. me too planning to raid B & D store nxt week. 😉 do they hv primers also??? The eye shadows look really nice. ‘ll wait for their reviews 😉

    1. I think they may have primers too. I didn’t have a look at the entire store, was quite tired after Inglot hauling 😛

    1. I was just about to get in touch with you to ask if its possible to get B&D on stylecraze? Would be great if that happens considering how low the distribution of this brand is.

  9. Love Inglot shadows…even I have heard that strange thing about not getting refills at Inglot. Doesn’t make sense, though….what are we supposed to do with the empty palette once we are done with the shadows then! Guess it’s just some confusion at the store 🙂

    1. I love Inglot eye shadows too! 🙂 The SAs at all the stores here aren’t the same. I liked the ones at the store I visited but I’ve heard the ones at the other Mumbai store are not so helpful! It makes no sense however that one can’t buy the refill pans alone, whats the whole point of it otherwise?

  10. I always wanted to try B&D brushes.its not available here 🙁
    u have chosen nice shades anks. I want to get inglot duraline too for using some eyeshadows as liner, but it was out of stock in shopatmajorbrands

  11. the only bad point about inglot is they force to buy their own palettes & their palette are quite expensive,, recently they have changed their refills pan shade to square.. means buy the new palette.

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