Corallista’s Beauty Tip : Aspirin mask for acne and pimples


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Last time I shared a tip on how to use ice cubes to get a glowing, toned complexion!

Today I’m going to tell you how to use aspirin to reduce the redness and swelling of acne/pimples. This tip was contributed by Laksh!

Aspirin mask is a very effective remedy for pimples and can also be used as a scrub. All you need for this mask is 3-4 tablets of aspirin and yogurt and honey (optional).


aspirin mask for acne and pimples
aspirin mask for acne and pimples



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Tip –

Crush 3-4 Aspirin tablets (sold  in India as Disprin) and mix them with a few tablespoon water to form a thick paste. Apply this paste on pimples and acne, leave overnight and wash off in the morning. To apply on entire face, you can also add yogurt or honey for extra soothing and healing properties.

p.s- If you have any side effects/allergy to Disprin, please do not try this mask.


Have you tried Aspirin mask ?



  1. i’ve tried this n it really works. 🙂 bt i put it max for 10 mins. Leaving it over night sounds a bit risky na!! considering its composition n all?

    1. Leave it overnight just on the pimples not on entire face 🙂 I think its shouldn’t be risky if using only for spot application unless one is allergic! But better to dilute a bit with honey if you’re trying it for the first time

  2. I love the aspirin mask. I’ve used it on emergency cases only (ie: right before my younger sister’s prom) and it’s done wonders. It can be quite harsh on delicate skin and will dry your skin out. But used properly it’s a miracle worker.

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