Corallista’s Beauty Tip : Ice cubes for glowing, toned skin!


Hi everyone!

Last time I shared a tip for reducing pigmentation using Cinnamon, lemon juice and honey.

Today’s tip is quite simple, easy and effective and all you need is ice cubes! Thanks to Ik, Nupur and Manali for contributing πŸ™‚


Corallista's Beauty Tip : Ice cubes for glowing, toned skin!
Corallista's Beauty Tip : Ice cubes for glowing, toned skin!



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Tip –

Rub an ice cube on cleansed face few minutes before applying makeup. It not only gives a glow to the face but also tones the skin, making open pores appear smaller. You can also freeze rose water into cubes and use those instead of plain water ice cubes.Β 


Being in a hostel, I do not get access to ice cubes but in my teenage years, I’ve tried this many times with very effective results especially on the smaller pimples you get because of the summer heat. The cool ice shrinks them right away!


Have you tried the ice cube tip for your skin?Β 



  1. i totally agreeeeeeeeeeee…i myself swear by dis …even if u r not wearing mkup..u can do dis..nd it gives u dis freshness n glow on ur skin….
    yeah..rose water can be freezed…i used to freeze cucmber juice as wel.. πŸ™‚

  2. Thanx ankita for these so very useful & important tips…..Ankita…i have a query….I am very new to eye makeup….so am starting right from scratch…..what are the basic products i should buy? and also where will i get these brushes in mumbai…i don’t want to buy really expensive ones…as i am just starting….

  3. oh yes…never fail tip this…i always rub ice on my face n neck b4 any make up and this makes me sweat less and my t zone remain oil free for longer time….

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