Chambor baked mineral blush ‘106 Glitzy Copper’ Review, Swatch and FOTD


Hi everyone!

Today I’m reviewing Chambor baked minerals blush in shade ‘106 Glitzy Copper.  Some time back, I was on a lookout for a peach blush (before I found Faces blush ’01 Burnt Sienna’) and while browsing through the blush range at the Chambor I came across this beauty. The SA offered to apply it on me and it gave such a natural warmth to my face that I decided to pick it up.

I’ve been wearing this blush very often with all warm eye makeup look s and all of my warm lipstick shades (Avon simply pretty ‘Rick Terracotta’, Maybelline moisture extreme ‘Bronzy Orange, Maybelline color sensational ‘My Mahogany’ in the FOTDs)

Price: Rs 795

Quantity: 3 g

Chambor baked mineral blush '106 Glitzy Copper' Review
`Chambor baked mineral blush '106 Glitzy Copper' Review




What Chambor says about the product : 

” Baked minerals refined into powder formula enhance the cheekbones with a luminous, pearlized shimmer. 

It provides exceptional sheer & is very lightweight in application.

Builds colour for ultimate effect, layer after layer without heavy coverage. It enhances the cheekbones with a luminous & pearlized shimmer which is luxurious in every way.

It is enriched with Jojoba oil & Vitamin E.”

(Click here to view the product on Chambor Website)

My take on the product : 

Packaging : It comes in an attractive though not very user friendly packaging (Refer images). It contains a tiny brush (similar to Bourjois baked blush) which is soft enough but not so useful since its not very convenient to hold and apply. The transparent lid allows easy identification of the blush but I feel the packaging could have been better- especially the ease of opening of the blush could be improved. It does not come with a mirror. The blush itself is in form of a round mound and has a pattern on it like most mineral blushes which makes it very attractive!

Chambor baked mineral blush '106 Glitzy Copper' Review
Chambor baked mineral blush '106 Glitzy Copper' Review
Chambor baked mineral blush '106 Glitzy Copper' Review
Chambor baked mineral blush '106 Glitzy Copper' Review
Chambor baked mineral blush '106 Glitzy Copper' Review
Chambor baked mineral blush '106 Glitzy Copper' Review
Chambor baked mineral blush '106 Glitzy Copper' Review
Chambor baked mineral blush '106 Glitzy Copper' Review

Texture and Pigmentation : The texture is smooth and not too powdery since its a baked mineral blush. Pigmentation is good- it gives sheer color is one swipe which is easily built up in 2-3 swipes. Thus, beginners can use it easily without going overboard with the color in single swipe. It blends very easily and no extra effort is required to make it look naturally blended on the cheeks.

The shade ‘106 Glitzy Copper’ : It is a mix of peach and copper with fine pearl finish making it a perfect warm blush for all skin tones. The pearl finish is quite subtle and gives a slight sheen to the cheek bones and not shimmer/glitter. Thus, it can be worn in the daytime as well. The shade along with its pearl finish gives a lovely warmth to the face.

Ideal for pairing with peachy-brown, orange, reddish brown, brown shades of lipsticks.

Chambor baked mineral blush '106 Glitzy Copper' Review
Chambor baked mineral blush '106 Glitzy Copper' Review
Chambor baked mineral blush '106 Glitzy Copper' Review
Chambor baked mineral blush '106 Glitzy Copper' Review
Chambor baked mineral blush '106 Glitzy Copper' Review  - swatch
Chambor baked mineral blush '106 Glitzy Copper' Review - swatch

There are 3 more shades in this range: Glitzy Peach (suitable to fair skin tones), Glitzy Pink(also suitable to fair/medium skin tones) and Glitzy Berry.

Staying Power: It stays for about 5-6 hours easily on my oily skin with even fading of the color after 2-3 hours. You can still see a hint ot color after 6 hours so the face doesn’t look completely devoid of color even when it has faded. Will stay better on primed skin or normal/dry skin.

The GOOD about Chambor baked mineral blush ‘106 Glitzy Copper’

  1. Packaging is attractive with the transparent lid- blush itself has pattern and veining like most mineral blushes.
  2. Texture is smooth and even. Brush picks up right amount of color.
  3. Applies evenly and blends beautifully on cheeks to give natural warm glow.
  4. Pigmentation is good and coverage is buildable.
  5. Great for beginners since it gives sheer color in single swipe.
  6. The pearl finish gives a glow to the face without making it too shimmery.
  7. Suitable for day time as well as evening.
  8. Will suit a lot of skin tones.
  9. Good staying power of 5-6 hours on un-primed skin.
  10. Chambor does not test on animals.
  11. Did not accentuate my pores or break me out.
The NOT-SO-GOOD about Chambor baked mineral blush ‘106 Glitzy Copper’ 
  1. Packaging is not user friendly- the brush is of no use, there is no compartment for brush, no mirror.
  2. Expensive for 3 g of product!!
Here’s how it looks on me :
Chambor baked mineral blush '106 Glitzy Copper' FOTD
Chambor baked mineral blush '106 Glitzy Copper' FOTD
Chambor baked mineral blush '106 Glitzy Copper' Review
Chambor baked mineral blush '106 Glitzy Copper' FOTD
Chambor baked mineral blush '106 Glitzy Copper' Review
Chambor baked mineral blush '106 Glitzy Copper' Review
Overall Verdict : It is one of the best blushes I have used in terms of shade as well as quality. The texture is smooth, pigmentation is good and intensity of the color can be built up. It blends easily, does not give any patchiness and stays easily for 5-6 hours and a hint of color still remains on the cheeks. The peachy copper shade will suit a lot of skin tones except for very dusky skin tones where it may appear more like a highlighter than a blush. The packaging could be made more convenient. Its quite expensive for 3 g of product for Rs 795 but most mineral blushes are priced higher than regular ones and the quality and shade of this one is simply wonderful!

Highly recommended.

Rating: 4.5/5

Will I repurchase: If I need to , Yes!

Have you tried Chambor glitzy blushes?


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    1. Thanks Mehak!! I know its expensive and I could not make up my mind about it, I was wandering in the mall wearing it and went back to the Chambor counter to pick it up before leaving 😛

    1. Ya its pricey 🙁 Most baked/mineral products are..Bourjois actually has better pricing for their mineral blushes ard Rs 550 I think !

  1. hi ankita, did you get my mail regarding avon?
    you know i really like it when you mention in your post”good for beginners” cos i am one.
    till now i never used to even look at blushes cos of my acne n post marks.
    but now acne has lessened and marks are fading.
    so do u think if i conceal n apply foundation then this blush and faces blush”burnt sienna” wont accent the pores or acne marks?
    if you get time please make a post on blush for beginners (specially for oily skin if possible)?
    today i had party n i wanted to buy faces blush, but being in powai is a problem in itself. you dont get everything
    so where do you usually buy from?
    i use oriflame concealer and bourjous healthy mix foundation (with just ended)?
    but within 2-3 hrs my skin gets oily?
    what should i do?
    should i also use what you use?
    its just mac’s costly so i always look for cheap/affordable cosmetics?
    hmm can you suggest me what should i do?
    or any product that conceals and prevents skin from looking oily?
    sorryy too many problems………

    1. Hi Radhika, I didn’t get ur mail but I’ve dropped u one regarding Avon. Please reply when u can and ask me if u need any help.

      If you’re skeptical about blushes accentuating pores, go for matte ones. Shimmery ones can tend to settle around pores but matte ones don’t. If you’re fair to medium complextion, Faces ”Burnt Sienna’ will suit u perfectly.

      You can’t find stuff in Powai 🙁 I generally buy from R-City or sometimes if i go to Bandra side, then Beauty Centre.

      Since u have oily skin, u must never skip compact!! Among the reasonably priced options Lakme perfect radiance compact, Lakme rose powder(loose powder), Lotus herbals botanical compact and Maybelline whitestay UV compacts are good. Loose powder instead of compacts do a better job of oil control and setting makeup. The Body Shop and Bourjois make very good loose powders but they are more expensive than the Lakme rose powder.

      I use Chambor silver shadow compact. Have reviewed it also. I cannot stay without compact cos even without foundation with just moisturizer, my skin gets oily and starts looking duller cos of the oil. As an oily skinned girl, your compact should be your best friend!!

      Also it’ll be good to use a primer before foundation, that’ll not only help makeup stay longer but control oil also. Apart from MAC, NYX has good primers.

      I’ll do a post on blush for beginners though u could read my tutorial on how to apply blush/bronzer- that’ll be helpful regarding application part 🙂 (the link is there in the post towards the end)

  2. Very pretty look Anki….The shade suits you so well :-))

    I had never tried any Chambor stuff…Just bought a flowing lippe few days back…Will check out their blushes soon.

    1. Thanks Poornima 🙂 Chambor lipsticks are quite nice..super moisturizing too..try the Truly lasting or Silk Touch range. The Glitzy glosses are also pretty great..I reviewed on of the shades recently too!

  3. OMG ankita , I am totally sold by the packaging only. Doesn’t it look like bourjois blush – the brush and the cute round pot? Looks very pretty on you. 🙂

    1. Thank you Rati 🙂 It is like the Bourjois baked blush but much more expensive!! I actually liked the texture more than the Bourjois one which I sold in the IMBB sunday bazaar.

  4. Point 5 is good enough for me :). Reminds me of my bronzer, but more pink than orange. Will look out for it :). I use these products very slowly anyway. That reminds me, how long do you recommend keeping a blush before it needs to be discarded?

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