Chambor Glitzy gloss (Intense) no. 616 Review, Swatch and FOTD

Hi everyone!!

While oranges, corals and pinks ruled these summers, its time for darker, deeper shades now with the cold, wet season setting in. I was looking for some berry and brick shades in lipsticks and glosses when I came across this particular shade among the newly launched shades in Chambor Glitzy glosses(Intense).

Chambor Glitzy glosses come in 2 variants- creamy, opaque ones (INTENSE range) and metallic, shimmery ones (TWILIGHT). See other shades on the Chambor website.

The shade I’m reviewing is no. 616 from the Intense range (What an unattractive name for such a gorgeous product!!)

Price: Rs 550

Quantity: 6.5 ml


Chambor Glitzy gloss- Intense no. 616- Brownish berry shade
Chambor Glitzy gloss- Intense no. 616- Brownish berry shade



My experience with the product : On swatching at first, I loved how creamy, opaque and pigmented it was. Also, like all other Chambor lip products, this gloss smells wonderful. The packaging is attractive- the transparent tube allows easy identification of shades. The applicator is the regular sponge tip applicator that picks up enough product to apply an even coating of gloss on the lips.

Chambor glitzy gloss [image from website]


Chambor Glitzy gloss- Intense  no. 616- Brownish berry shade
Chambor Glitzy gloss- Intense no. 616- Brownish berry shade


Single swipe gives opaque coverage and the color intensity can be built up by applying a little more of the product. The texture is wonderful- smooth and creamy that glides beautifully on the lips. The gloss is non-sticky and moderately moisturizing and has a good lasting power of 3-4 hours(with mild eating/drinking) but it may not survive a slurpy meal.

Chambor Glitzy gloss- Intense  no. 616- Brownish berry shade
Chambor Glitzy gloss- Intense no. 616- Brownish berry shade


Shade no. 616: This shade is gorgeous and would suit all skin tones. Its a brownish berry shade with just the right balance of warm and cool- brown and pink to make it suitable to be paired with both warm and cool  eye/cheek makeup. It does not contain any shimmer. Gives a glossy coverage of opaque color to the lips.

It is one of those shade you could wear this just mascara/kohl. It is on of my most used products currently.

Chambor Glitzy gloss- Intense  no. 616- Brownish berry shade
Chambor Glitzy gloss- Intense no. 616- Brownish berry shade

I wore this with Chambor glitzy copper blush and it brought out the warm undertones of the gloss making it appear almost brick-red with a hint of berry. When paired with NYX rouge cream ‘Rose Petal’ (in the FOTD), it appears ‘pinker’ and more berry than brown because of the cool undertones of the blush.

Here is how it looks on me –

Chambor Glitzy gloss- Intense  no. 616- Brownish berry shade FOTD
Chambor Glitzy gloss- Intense no. 616- Brownish berry shade FOTD
Chambor Glitzy gloss- Intense  no. 616- Brownish berry shade FOTD
Chambor Glitzy gloss- Intense no. 616- Brownish berry shade FOTD

The GOOD about  Chambor Glitzy gloss Intense no. 616 –

  1. Packaging is sleek and attractive- transparent body allows easy location of shade.
  2. Sponge tip applicator picks enough product for 1 application.
  3. TEXTURE is smooth, creamy and non-sticky.
  4. Very pigmented.
  5. Single swipe gives opaque coverage- intensity of color can be built up.
  6. Good staying power : lasts 3-4 hours (may be lesser if heavy meals are consumed)
  7. Gives glossy opaque wash of color to the lips.
  8. Gives a smooth appearance to the fine lines of the lips (because of its creaminess).
  9. Feels hydrating and comfortable on the lips.
  10. Shade no. 616- would suit all skin tones, can be paired with different shades of eye/cheek makeup.
  11. Chambor does not test on animals.
The NOT-SO-GOOD about  Chambor Glitzy gloss Intense no. 616 –
  1. The mouth of the tube gets messy after some time of use.
  2. Expensive
  3. Not listed on the website(since its a new shade)

Overall Verdict: Like all other products I’ve tried out from Chambor, this gloss is a winner! It is smooth, creamy, very pigmented and gives opaque coverage in single swipe. Does not feather, smudge or bleed. Gives a smooth, glossy look to the lips that lasts for 3-4 hours. The shade no.616 is universally flattering brownish berry shade that can be worn with many different colors in eye /cheek makeup. The mouth of the tube does tend to get a little messy after some time of use but its something I can live with for such a good quality product!

Highly recommended to everyone!

Rating: 4.5/5

Will I repurchase: Yes! 

Have you tried Chambor Glitzy glosses? 


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  1. I saw this shade the other day. But I ended up buying another one, Shade No. 609. But this looks stunning on u! 🙂 Will have to save up for it!

      1. Oh, by shade 609 I meant Intense 609..from the same range. Its this muted pinkish color. Its quite pretty and I think it would look good on all skintones.

        1. Thanks fr the recommendation Sristi..I’ve seen the swatch of 609 online and it does look a great shade especially to pair with dramatic eyes or even for an everyday look!

  2. Hey thanks for the review. Was looking forward for this post for sometime 🙂 . What other colors would you recommend . Would you recommend 616 or 609. i liked both the colors but having a tough time to choose. Am an NC40.

    1. You’re welcome Esha 🙂 I think both shades would suit you well..616 is a little darker with more red undertones. I have not tried 609 myself so don’t know how it looks on lips but 616 is very versatile. I’d say go for 616.

  3. Love! It does look more berry than brick (which is how it looked on IMBB). Am definitely going in for this! I think 550 is okay actually considering the pros.. 🙂

    1. Ya its looking more berry here but it looks brick if photographed in yellow/natural light or worn with warm blush! 🙂

  4. fab colour on you… (now i am beginning to think if there is anything that you can not pull off!)

    i have an incolour gloss that is the exact dupe of this one… 🙂 i love it….

    1. Thank u Anks! 🙂 I cannot pull off shades lighter than my complexion whether they be lipstick or too light eye I stay away from those 😛

  5. hey in your skincare post, you have mentioned you use
    A mix of multani mitti (fuller’s earth) , sandalwood powder, rose petal powder, orange peel powder, neem powder and turmeric.

    i usually go to beauty centre, ghatkoar.
    so i wanna know which brand you use and where do you buy these powders from?
    we share the same skin type.
    can you suggest any before party face pack or any product that gives an awesome glow?

    1. Hi Shy girl, I picked those from haiko super market, the brand name is “Komal”.
      Generally, rubbing ice or splashing lots of cold water gives a nice glow to the face. Aroma magic radiance pack also gives a nice glow that stays for 1-2 days.

  6. and about lotus micro emulsion,
    i have bought that one too but it makes my skin a bit greasy!
    i got to fade the blemishes/marks….
    so did it help you with that?
    should i continue using that?

    1. It can make the skin greasy for oily skinned people. Initially when I used it, I had a similar experience so I stopped for a while. Few weeks later, my skin wasn’t that oily and it started suiting my skin a lot. It did not help dramatically with blemishes but it does make my skin smoother, more supple and a little brighter. You can use i alternate days as a night cream if its too heavy for the day and see how it works. I generally don’t use moisturizer over it.

    1. 😀 😀 I am developing a love for berry shades too..sadly I cannot wear them too often cos they look too prominent unlike soft pinks !!

    1. Thanks Ishita 🙂 It not a very warm shade , you could try it at the store. When worn with pink blush, it hardly looks warm!

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