Wednesday Skincare special: My skin care routine products

Hi everyone!

I know its thursday but I got a day late in posting this. Today I’m sharing with you all my daily skin care routine products.

I have mainly oily acne-prone skin that veers towards normal to combination type in dry weather.

My skin care routine consists of  the following –

  1. CTM  : Cleansing, Toning Moisturizing- typically 3 times a day.
  2. Sunscreen: I never step out without sunscreen.
  3. Exfoliating : I scrub 5-6 times a week and this prefer gentle scrubs.
  4. Face packs : I use a home made pack almost 5-6 times a week and another branded market product 1-2 times a week.
  5. Clindac solution : Dermatologist recommended lotion for acne control.


These are the products I am currently using :

Daily skin care routine for oily skin - products
Daily skin care routine for oily skin - products



Cleansers :

1. Cetaphil cleansing lotion (My HG cleanser)

It is gentle and effective. I use this to remove my makeup usually. Currently on my 3rd bottle of this.

2. Neutrogena deep clean facial cleanser

Doesn’t dry my skin out like the foaming cleanser from Neutrogena. It is again mild and effective, cleanses well and gives a healthy, refreshed look to the skin.


Scrub:  Biotique papaya scrub

The granules are a little harsh but a little goes a long way. Just finished using Hip Hop Kiwi scrub (which was excellent!!). It exfoliates well but cannot be used everyday.


Toner:  Fab India tea tree toner

I’ve not noticed any dramatic change in my skin since I started using this. The bottle is almost finished now. I use it 2-3 times a day, after washing my face or after using a face pack. I don’t think I’ll repurchase.


Moisturizer : Lotus whiteglow micro emulsion

Absolutely love this!! Used to make my skin a little greasy earlier but suits me perfectly now! I use it every time I wash my face with face wash which is typically 2-3 times a day and also after face packs. Will definitely repurchase!


Sunscreen: Lotus 3-in-1 matte SPF 40 (My HG sunscreen)

Gives a tinted moisturizer type effect and controls oil too. Absolutely non-greasy and perfect for oily skinned people.  Currently on my second tube.


Face packs :

1. Home made face pack – A mix of multani mitti (fuller’s earth) , sandalwood powder, rose petal powder, orange peel powder, neem powder and turmeric. I use this at least 5 times a week. I’ve stored the mixture in a small jar and I just take a tea spoon amount, mix it with water and apply on the face and neck till it dries off. Nothing works better than this face pack for my skin.

2. Aroma magic beauty pack – I’ve recently started using this and I love it. It takes a long time to dry but it does give a nice glow that lasts for 2 days. Skin seems smoother, brighter and the mild acne scarring also seems lessened. Use twice a week.

Under eye cream : Avon solutions plus total radiance under eye gel

I use it at bedtime ( not very regularly) but my under eye pigmentation seems to have lessened a little.

Chambor beauty sponges and Clindac solution
Chambor beauty sponges and Clindac solution

Chambor makeup up removing beauty sponges – I got it free with a purchase recently and its really a good product. Cleanses effectively (not waterproof makeup though) and the scrubbing is very very gentle. Skin looks smoother and shines every time I use it.

Clindac solution – This is a dermatologist recommended product for my acne prone skin. I use it everyday at bedtime and it has controlled breakouts to some extent. Please do not use unless recommended by dermatologist.

Products I  would repurchase :

  • Cetaphil cleansing lotion
  • Lotus whiteglow micro-emulsion
  • Lotus 3-in-1 matte sunscreen
  • Clindac solution
Would consider repurchasing :
  • Aroma magic radiance pack
  • Neutrogena deep clean cleanser
  • Chambor beauty sponges

What are your current skin care routine products? 


Note: The above mentioned products have worked for me , may not necessarily work for everyone. Please buy skin care products keeping your skin type and history in mind. 



  1. Hello Ankita,
    Very pretty. Nice explanation.
    I use home made cleanser (besan) and apply aloe vera gel, which acts as both toner n moisturisor….before going to sleep i again wash my face and apply almond oil, once in 3 days at times.
    When i come out from Sun…then i wash my face with Lakme after sun gel…its gud. Exfoilation….St. Ives whitening scrub twice a week.

    1. Hi Dhanu!
      I use aloe vera gel too but not veru regularly..forgot to add it here since i’ve not used it in some time. How do u find the St.Ives scrub?

  2. I use the Clindamycin Phosphate Gel too for acne,but mine is a little different..has helped me a lot indeed . I am still taking my pills :victory:

    Do you think that micro emulsion wont be too greasy ? I so wanna get it after everyone has praised it so much. But my Clean and clear moisturiser is not easy to leave :rotfl: :rotfl:

    1. The Clindac lotion is really good na? It helped me a lot too! The micro emulsion might be a little greasy if u have really oily skin..mine is between normal to oily so it suits me! I have not tried Clean and clear moisturizer yet..will try soon 🙂

      1. I have combination skin ,will definitely give it a try then 🙂
        And Clean and Clear moisturizer is really amazing,its the only thing that can actually keep my face completely oil free in this humid weather ,no film ,no greasiness 😀

  3. I would also repurchase biotique papaya scrub and Lotus whiteglow micro emulsion,bas this much! You use face packs lot many times I think! I use them 3 times a week maximum!

    1. The home made one is very mild and using it everyday has really improved my skin a lot !! After using Hip hop kiwi scrub, I’ve started finding Biotique papaya one a bit harsh. I am looking for the whiteglow scrub since so long but it has been out of stock 🙁

      1. Ankita try the Aroma magic mineral glow scrub, its not very harsh like biotique one and I think resembles your kiwi scrub too! :-))

        1. I just purchased that one some time does give a nice glow though its a little ‘waxy’ in texture. Though i can start using it again now since summers are gone and my skin isn’t so oily anymore.

  4. I use cetaphil, fabindia rose water and neutrogena oilfree moisturiser with spf 15. I tried the lotus sunscreen but didn’t suit my skin. I wanted to know, which cleanser do u use to remove waterproof makeup specially to remove mac foundation? 🙂 coz I feel cetaphil is not good enouph to do that.

    1. I use Cetaphil only Susmita…I massage it on my skin for 2 min with my fingers and then wipe it with cotton and follow up with cold water. If u let it stay on skin for 2 min it removes waterproof mascara also. 🙂

  5. ohh i like cetaphil.. though dont like wht it smells like.. 🙁

    how do use scrub ankita if ur prone to acne? doesnt it aggravate it?

    1. Ohh..i steer clear of the acne area cos it can aggravate it. Thankfully most of it is gone now..just slight marks which are fading too. In any case, I need to scrub my nose (which is thankfully breakout free zone!)

  6. Is cetaphil suitable for sensitive skin? Where can i get it from ? also Can you recomend something for lightening acne scars?

    1. Hi Vijayta,
      Cetaphil is excellent for sensitive skin. It comes in 2 variants- oily skin and sensitive skin. Make sure to pick the one for sensitive skin. It is in fact prescribed by doctors for babies too. You can find it at any pharmacy/medical shop. As far as my experience goes, home made face packs and a good CTM routine helps in lightening acne scars but its takes some time. The face pack I’ve mentioned in this post (the one I mix myself) is really helpful. Do you have oily or combination skin?

  7. hi ankita.. i recently bought cetaphil n i have the same skin type as yours, i dont really use a moisturiser coz it seems to overload my face with oil but with the so much of stress on CTM i fell like again tryin out something, my skin is not very oily, so the lotus micro emulsion will be fine ??
    also i was plannin on fab india tea tree toner, and u said there is a dramatic change in ur skin since uve used it.. any specific reason u dnt want to repurchase it ?? :O
    the derm gave me the clindac gel too :)) it dries out the acne 🙂

    1. Hi Sneha,
      If you have normal to oily skin then the Lotus micro-emulsion will suit you. Many people with very oily skin say that it makes their skin greasy. Other options to try are Lotus alpahmoist or Neutrogena oil free moisturizer or Clean and clear oil free moisturizer.

      For the Fab India toner, I’ve written that I did NOT notice any dramatic change in my skin so won’t repurchase 😛 I recommend Biotique toner over Fab India..I’ve been using it since 4-5 days and like it more. The Clindac gel is really good for our skin types 🙂

      1. ooohh.. lol , my bad 😛 ive tried lotus alpha- moist.. leaves my skin feeling a lil streachy-ish.. but i din find it bad ..ill try clean n clear one or micro-emulsion (i kinda like the name 😛 )..
        n even i swear by home made packs , nothin better 🙂
        also, which scrub do u recommend? ive got some acne n acne scars 🙁

        1. Hi Sneha..sorry for the late reply!
          If u still have acne, steer clear of those areas at least n scrub the rest of your face. Scrubs I have liked- Hip hop kiwi scrub (its there in Mumbai, don’t know about its availability in other cities), Biotique Papaya scrub, Clean and Clear scrub. Lotus whiteglow scrub is supposed to be good too but its out-of stock everywhere, You could probably get that(when they restock it) along with the emulsion- combined effect of the 2 would be better.

  8. OMG!! :rotfl: We seem to be singing the same song here. I too use Cetaphil for sensitive skin on a regular basis, have used Lotus Matte sunblock a lot in the past, done my rounds of Clindac gel (still have it in my fridge), used the Biotique Papaya scrub in the past! I have used a lot of tea tree in the past from Oriflame.

      1. hey ankita di..i came across ur blog 2 mnths ago.previously i was into skin care products only n not into make up.but after reading ur blog i m obssesed wd make up.i just want to buy evrythng from foundation to blush(learnt how to apply it after reading ur tutorials ) n make my one little make up kit.thnku so mch 4 tht.i wanted to know hw did u find d tbs tea tree face wash n toner bcoz i hv oily skin n i really want to buy it.pls suggest any blush also whch gives a natural pink color to cheeks for everyday use n not too heavy on d pocket.
        n one more thng is tht ur really beautiful n pretty……..

  9. Hi Ankita..
    must say a very helpful review. I have the same acne prone oily skin. I am using the Clindac A Gel for last one month but it didnt help me to get rid of the acne completely. So still trying to get a more effective product.. 🙂 Where did you find the materials of your homemade face pack? Are those powders available in the market? If yes, then where can I find them?

    1. Hi Tiya, the Clindac Gel doesn’t help in getting rid of acne completely, it only dries out the smaller ones but I felt it improved my skin texture too. For spot application, you can put a Benzoyl peroxide ointment on the pimples (not on entire face). I found all the materials at a local supermarket. Yes all of these are easily available at local shops and pharmacies.

  10. i use lotus sunscreen-love it cuz it gives a tinted matte effect
    lotus microemulsion- it broke me out..i will use it in winters with high hopes again 🙂
    neutrogena facewash – nothing’s there to unlike it but still i prefer clean and clear
    somehow i cannot manage to buy tea tree toners may be cuz i have oily/combi skin..i use fab india rose water
    clindac gel- i was also recommended by a dermat..sometimes i use it
    cetaphil cleanser- i have used both the variants..oily skin one is too the sensitive skin one totally !
    and i love using multani mitti on face quite times during a week..have got neem leaves too..yet to use
    i am yet to find a scrub and market made face pack suitable for my skin
    will go by your recco Ankita 🙂
    and i am saving this page 🙂

    1. @shaili- i think tea tree toners are best for oily/combi skin.. anti bacterial properties keeps acne and zits at bay 🙂

    2. The micro emulsion can make the skin a tad oily..I generally use when I’m using the Neutrogena acne wash cos its a bit drying- so it balances out. Oh please start using toner, it really helps! I too love cetaphil cleanser for sensitive skin. About to finish my third bottle now 😛

      1. @Ankita & Sne..ok..fab india rose water aint for oily/combi it
        this tea tree one you(Ankita) mentioned aint that dramatic
        i also have lotus basil tone lying in my collection
        which one to go for? 🙂

        1. I’ve liked Basil my first toner and I used up 2 bottles of it:) I also like Biotique Cucumber stings a bit and is the strongest one I’ve tried so far. The Fab India Tea tree one was ok, nothing dramatic like u said..

          1. okay 🙂 i` will go with basil tone and use fab ind rose water for face packs 🙂
            thank you so much 🙂

          2. Hi….I have mentioned 2 sequence below. Please let me know which of the following sequence is correct.

            1) Cleansing—>Face pack—>Toning—> Moisturizing.

            2) Cleansing—>Toning—>Face pack—> Moisturizing.

    1. hi Parita, they are sold at most local pharmacy, medical shops or even general stores. I picked mine from the toiletries section at Haiko supermarket.

      1. thanks Ankita..I recently have started to get acne though it comes once in a while but i m very much concerned, will your homemade face pack help? I am planning to use the let me know, thanks a ton!

        1. The home made pack does help. Also try Himalaya neem face pack- its quite effective. I apply it on my entire face and wash off when dried and sometimes I just apply in over the zits and keep it overnight.

  11. i like your post…
    my skin is very sestive n oily but ri8 now in winters its combi..plz suggest me some effective products which suits on my skin…
    my skin is full of small acne n uneven skin just fed up…please tell…my dermatologist recommend me himalaya…..but its also bad for me..

  12. Hi Corallista,

    I would like to thank you for a great article. I like your face pack remedy. But now I am confuse that when I will use toner…?…after using face pack….or…before…? I have mentioned the sequence below. Please let me know whether it is correct or not. If not then please advice me.

    Cleansing—>Face pack—>Toning—> Moisturizing.


      1. Thanks for suggesting me the Kama ayurveda aloe vera juice.. actually kama is located in the opposite building so i love to visit there & try their products.. & SA is very cooperative she shows the products very patiently.. will test it whenever i ll be free to visit the store..

      2. rest about patanjali aloe vera gel it contains parabens & added green color in it & these funny added colors scares me , i like to try unadultered products whether its transparent thats fine for me.. gel is quite soothing but in first 2-5 mins it feels bit sticky…

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