My perfect peach blush – Faces blush ’01 Burnt Sienna’ : Review, Swatch and FOTD

Hi everyone!

Today I’m reviewing FACES blush ’01 Burnt Sienna‘ which is a matte peach shade blush. Neha S. asked me to recommend a peach colored blush and that’s when I realized I did not have a true peach shade blush myself (Colorbar ‘peachy Rose’ is a pinked peach, not true peach).  I started looking for a peach shade and I found this beauty from Faces!

FACES blush '01 Burnt Sienna'
FACES blush '01 Burnt Sienna'



Price: Rs 299 (I picked it up for around 250 from Beauty Centre)

Quantity: 8 g

What the packaging says about the product : 


FACES blush '01 Burnt Sienna'
FACES blush '01 Burnt Sienna'


My take on the product :

Packaging : It comes in a simple round black plastic packaging with the blush in a pan inside and a mirror on the lid. The packaging is not very attractive and does not contain an applicator though the mirror is useful. The packaging could certainly be tweaked a little.


FACES blush '01 Burnt Sienna'
FACES blush '01 Burnt Sienna'
FACES blush '01 Burnt Sienna'
FACES blush '01 Burnt Sienna'
FACES blush '01 Burnt Sienna'
FACES blush '01 Burnt Sienna'
FACES blush '01 Burnt Sienna'
FACES blush '01 Burnt Sienna'
FACES blush '01 Burnt Sienna'
FACES blush '01 Burnt Sienna'


Texture and Pigmentation : The texture is smooth but not buttery. The pigmentation is good and single swipe gives sheer color which is buildable. Thus, it is a great blush for beginners, since its not too soft or pigmented, one would not go overboard with the color.

Staying Power: On compact over moisturized skin (without foundation/base) 4-5 hours. Over foundation/base, 6-7 hours easily with even fading of color after 3-4 hours.

Shade ’01 Burnt Sienna’ : It is matte peach shade without a pink or brown undertone. I do not like shimmer in my blushes especially day time blushes and I love the matte finish of this shade. The shade gives a nice peachy warmth to the face- nothing too dramatic, just a soft peachy touch. It is one of those which give an instant lift to a tired face especially when paired with a warm lipstick.


FACES blush '01 Burnt Sienna'
FACES blush '01 Burnt Sienna'
FACES blush '01 Burnt Sienna' - SWATCH
FACES blush '01 Burnt Sienna' -SWATCH


Lipstick recommendations to pair with- 

  1. Avon simply pretty ‘Mango Mania’
  2. Avon simply pretty ‘Rich terracotta’
  3. Maybelline moisture extreme ‘Bronzy Orange’
Here’s how it looks on me –
FACES blush '01 Burnt Sienna' - FOTD
FACES blush '01 Burnt Sienna' - FOTD
The GOOD about FACES blush ’01 Burnt Sienna’ –
  1. Comes with a big mirror inside.
  2. Packaging is sturdy.
  3. Texture is smooth but not too buttery.
  4. Good pigmentation- buildable color.
  5. Good for beginners since the its not too smooth and pigmented.
  6. Lasts all day long on the cheeks with even fading.
  7. Priced very reasonably.
  8. The peach shade gives instant lift to the face- wonderful pick-me-up color for fair- medium skin tones.
  9. Blends very well.
  10. Matte- can be used for daytime as well as evening, will suit all skin types.
  11. Did not break me out or irritate my skin in any way.
  12. Contains a lot of quantity of product : 8 g for a blush is great!
The NOT-SO-GOOD about FACES blush ’01 Burnt Sienna’ –
  1. Packaging is a little boring- does not applicator/brush.
  2. The shade may not show up well on very dusky skin tones.
  3. During travelling, some of the powder particles can collect on the sides (as u can see in the images)
Overall Verdict : Like all other products I’ve tried from Faces so far, I’m impressed with the quality of this blush. It is a matte true peach shade- perfect pick-me-up shade for fair/medium skin tones that lasts all day. The texture is smooth  but not too buttery, color is buildable making it ideal for beginners. I’ve been wearing this shade everyday since I purchased it (about 3 days back) and I absolutely love this shade and the quality , all of it priced only at Rs 299!! The only major con is that the packaging is dull and does not contain an applicator.
Highly recommended to everyone especially if you do not own a peach blush.


Rating : 4.5/5


Will I repurchase? If I need to, YES! Would also like to check out the other shades.



  1. The shade is lovely on you… but my faces blushes came with an applicator… were more expensive and the quanity is less…

    i guess because they are mineral blushes….

      1. They are good. Doesn’t last this long… Just about 3-4 hours. But that cud be because of my super oily skin…. It picked them on the F&U sales. Got them for about 275 and the MRP is 375 I guess… not sure…. the colours are lovely though….

        1. Okay. Will check out the colors next time I go to Pantaloons or Beauty centre 🙂 Which shade did u pick up?

    1. Just Earth is more orangey brown – great for contouring but this is pretty peachy 😀 !! And you just added a new word to my vocab 🙂

  2. this is a very sweet shade!!it compliments ur skin a lot!! :beauty: :beauty:
    do faces have sum nice pink shades too??i dnt know whether a peach colour will look gud on me,though i am fair! :idk: :idk:

    1. Faces has pink shades too Rima 🙂 They also have another range of mineral blushes that are priced a little higher but are quite good too. You will definitely find a pink for fair complexion in their range!

  3. ooo yeaay i can see my name up there :dance: :dance: :kissing:

    u were right that i would realy ke it!! i lovedd it!! atype of colour that i was looking for.. and i will defntly buy this in a day or two..

    this gives a true peach effect na.. not bronzer like right.. i mean not tooo warm na?

    u looking very nice in the fotd.. lip also looking sooper cute :-*

    1. 🙂 🙂 Its not too warm/bronzer like, its matte peach!
      Thanks you.
      You’re showing up as active subscriber in my list now…you got the confirmation link?

      1. heheeheee yeayyy preen..

        og yaa iw as gonna ask u only did u do some magic coz yesterdy out of the blue i recvd email subscription request.. i was like :O :dance:
        then i immdtly did the needfull

        ohh good!!! its not too warm….its a pakka buy now..

        ermm and whenevea id use it i might remember you 😐 :rotfl:

  4. I love my maybelline peach satin but it has too much shimmery look for office wear i think faces one would do justice for day wear 🙂 pretty shade

  5. I’v been using the lakme coral blush and iam addicted to it…wonder how different this would be from that shade….

  6. hey ankita, first of all wud like to mention i lovvveeeeeeee ur blog and all the reviews, its all so detailed and helpful! this shade is the shade i am looking for, but i m not able to find it anywer in mumbai..! 🙁 not even in the faces stores! which beauty centre u took it from?

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