Avon matte nail enamel ‘Red Velvet’: Photos

Hi everyone!

Avon has launched matte nail enamels for the first time. 5 shades have been launched- Inky Blue, Red Velvet, Grey Cement, Violette and Black as Night.

The quality of these nail paints as well as the shades are really amazing! I picked up 2 shades from the above- Inky Blue and Red Velvet. Read review of Inky blue shade HERE.

Red Velvet is a rich wine red/burgundy shade with very subtle shimmer. The color looks really rich and deep- a must have for red/wine nail paint lovers. It is already my favorite red!

Avon matte nail enamel 'Red Velvet'
Avon matte nail enamel ‘Red Velvet’


They are currently on offer at Rs 89 for 1 and Rs 159 for 2. Regular price is Rs 135.

Grab these while they are still on offer!!

Avon matte nail enamel 'Red Velvet'
Avon matte nail enamel 'Red Velvet'

Avon matte nail enamel 'Red Velvet'
Avon matte nail enamel ‘Red Velvet’

The quality of this nail enamel is similar to the shade Inky Blue. Read review HERE.

Another pic..(with my antique gold rose pendant picked from Colaba Causeway  O:-) )

Avon matte nail enamel 'Red Velvet'
Avon matte nail enamel ‘Red Velvet’

Have you tried the Avon matte nail enamels?



    1. Thank u Cali 🙂 It looks really amazing..do try it out..the new Avon shades are really amazing!! I have Electric green on my nails right now..will put up pics soon :))

  1. Hi ankita, me loving this shade a lot :yes: I dont like reds and all but this shade simply won my heart, lovely nails !

    1. Its a very rich looking shade Taps..I love red and dark wine shades and have few of them but this one looks the best! 🙂 You placed your Avon order?

  2. Wow… ur nails r looking awesome, especially in d last pic… they r looking hot. Also luvd d pendant, how much did it cost? U r so stylish Ankita, I like ur style. And also I want to know, how do u maintain ur nails so long. Mine dont 🙁

    1. Thank u so much Manali O:-) The pendant was for Rs 100. I don’t do much to maintain my nails..they grow like this only..if they get too long I cut them with rounded tip and file them a bit if they are looking too bad and then let them grow again..

    1. Nupur has saaari khabar!! 😀 Check out weekend fav products..the haul pic is in the end..got owl pendants also ! And yes. white messenger bag 🙂

    1. Ohh I shifted..Its self hosted wordpress now..the platform is still wordpress but the hosting server I changed!

  3. OMG! you got these. today only i was telling about these to you na. 😀

    I didnt order this one . ordered the rest 4.. now toh i cant wait all the more. It’s looking gorgeous..

    Damn! I want them NOW>> :((

    1. Yes 😀 I got this one and Inky blue some time back.. these are awesome Rati..you’ll love these!! You must get this one…it is such a rich beautiful color!! I got the orange one from the neon range also..haven’t worn it yet..will put up pictures once I do!

  4. Does this have the same problems as the inky blue? Of losing the matte quality after few days? Also, have you tried the black matte one? It looks gorgeous.

    1. Ya that does happen but I think double coats should make it last longer! I haven’t tried the black one but since u’re recommending I’ll get it in my next order..

  5. dayaamm for the 1st time i feel like growing my nails!!! avon nailpaints are shur hot things!! matte ones are toooooooooooo gorgeous!!! :victory: :victory:

  6. I got the black shade from the Matte nail polish collection. This post has been SO helpful for me because a couple of my friends got ‘Red Velvet’ but none of them had tried it yet. I’m excited to check out the others!

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