Tips on how to make kajal/kohl stay smudge-proof longer


Hi everyone!

All of us love the blackest black color that only kohl/kajal gives us. Almost every week I get reader queries asking for suggestions for long lasting smudge free kajals or product recommendations to achieve Kareena Kapoor’s eye makeup look in Kurbaan.


Kareena kapoor kurbaan eye makeup kohl
Kareena kapoor kurbaan eye makeup kohl




Most pencil eye liners with the claims of ‘water-proof’ and long stay are either not waterline safe or do not give the dark glossy black color that kajal gives. It is always a trade-off between smudge-proof and darkest black color with a few exceptions of some products like MAC Feline Kohl that are dark and at the same time don’t give raccoon eyes.

Here are few tricks you can use to help kajal stay on longer without smudging and bleeding in the under eye area –

  1. Prep your eyes using primer or base on the lower lash line and outer corner.
  2. Set your kajal with black eye shadow – the powder absorbs the moisture/oils that cause the smudging and make it stay longer.
  3. Powder your under eye area well. Whether you use concealer or not, dab some compact under the eyes well, this also works in the same way as the black eye shadow tip- the powder absorbs the oils and moisture preventing the kajal from smudging.

My Recommendations –

  • Faces kajal (Read my review HERE )
  • Lotus Herbals kajal
  • MAC Feline kohl

I’ve used Himalaya, Biotique, Shahnaz Hussain, Lotus Herbals ,Faces kajals and MAC Smolder kohl .

Out of these the Faces one was the clear winner when it comes to long staying with ‘least‘ smudging. Note the ‘least’ cos a bit of smudging is inevitable when it comes to kajals! MAC Smolder is great for smokey smudgy looks and stays on me as kohl for a few hours without smudging but its not really meant to be used as kohl cos it is very smudgy. Read review HERE.


What are your tips for making kohl stay smudge-proofΒ longer?


Which is your favorite kohl ?



  1. Thanks Ankita. very usefull tips. I use lotus kajal, It’s ok but I am not fully satisfied so will try faces kajal for sure.

  2. You can give Maybelline gel eyeliner a try, I use it on my waterline plus it has rich black shade :).. It never smudges on lower lash as compared to 9 to 5 lakme eyeliners.

    1. Hi divya, I have Maybelline gel eyeliner but hv never used it on my waterline. Is it waterline safe? will try it and see if it suits my eyes.

    2. Thanks Divya..I have maybelline gel liner but I’m a little apprehensive about trying it on waterline since I wear contact lenses. Wasn’t sure if it is water line safe but will try it now and see πŸ™‚

  3. I also like MAC’s Graphblack. It stays for good 4-5 hours and it never smudges. I have recently finished it. I love it so much that I have not even thrown it’s empty case yet πŸ˜›

    1. πŸ™‚ Don’t throw it can use it for ‘back to MAC’ policy..collect 5 more empty cases of products and you’ll get a free lipstick!

      1. Aree, it is not one of those covered under B2M πŸ™ πŸ™
        But, I will probably preserve since it’s my first product from MAC πŸ˜›

        1. Ohh..sorry I didn’t know! I’ve not finished anything till now except one pan of Chambor compact πŸ˜›

  4. Wow have really revamped the blog so well ! It looks amazing !

    By the way,I tried Maybelline colossal on upper lashline and it doesnt smudge at all ! Though it does tug into my eyes a lil and irritates my waterline sometimes too. I guess you just cant have best of both worlds πŸ™

    The tips are great though..definitely going to try those πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you Ritika :hugleft: Maybelline one irritates the waterline? I was so tempted to pick it up today..the yellow packaging is so attractive and they’ve marketed it so I’m glad I didn’t! Try the Faces one, its really nice!

      1. Ankita maybelline doesnot irritate my waterline at all, me using it, it stays for a long long time also, me very happy !

        1. It doesnt irritate you :O It irritates the inner corners of my eyes like anything..the first time I used it,I was literally rubbing my eyes every 2 minutes
          May be its just me and my wierd eyes :pain: :pain: :pain:

  5. maybelline didn’t irritate my eyes either it stays perfect for 4hrs then slowly starts smudging… i also do your powder tip it really keeps kajal from smudging πŸ™‚

    btw you have beautiful eyebrows….following you ankita πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you Shreya! πŸ™‚ The powdering tip does work for me too! In face, i powder my under eye even if I don’t powder my whole face some times to keep the kajal from bleeding. I will try Maybelline once I finish my other kajals..(which will take a long time! πŸ™ )

  6. I love the cooling feel of Blue Heaven kajal…but it is always all over the place on me and I don’t have oily lids or particularly tear-y eyes. I have seen girls on youtube set their eyeliner pencil on the water line with regular powder shadow (with loose powder pigments not even meant for that area.
    I could not even think of powdering my waterline with regular pigment powders to set my kajal. The only powder i would ever use on my waterline would be genuine powder kohl!!!

  7. HI ANKITA …could u please help….i need to buy some brushes/ eye pencils / make up stuff in delhi…here is the best place to get everything quickly and hopefully in a bargain??

  8. hi ankita ,i am not kajal person ,but now a day i am so attracted to it..just wants to know what would u suggest if you had choice between lotus,blue heaven and faces much faces stick weigh and it is for how much(cost),which one of the above stay for a long time without smudges.can you provide with the hrs ..please thank you ..

    1. I’d suggest Faces (Rs 99 for 3 g) because its smudges the least among the ones u’ve mentioned. If you want a really long lasting one, go for Lakme Absolute kohl, its expensive at Rs 650 but it is fabulous!

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